Racking up the Miles: April 2015

Michelle and I were talking recently about back when we were kids.  We both distinctly remember our parents saying “This year is FLYING by!”  We would look at them like they were crazy.  It took FOREVER for Christmas, or a birthdays or Summer Vacation to get here!  Time is going so SLOW!!  How could you mean it is going slow!

Then, once again, we hear our parents coming out of our mouths!  Here it is May already! Damn this year is going fast!

The biggest news for our hero’s cycling this month was the notification of the RAMROD! 168 miles of hour plus long uphills and screaming downhills in 15 hours.   ramrod_courseprofile_2014


Add to it some of the most spectacular cycling scenery in the world!  I have tried for the past 3 years to have my names pulled int he lottery to no avail.  Fourth time is the charm I guess.  But it meant I had to kick my ass in gear!

April presented challenges though.  The first 2 weeks I was stuck in Spokane inside with the pony tail bobbing, day glow wearing, yoga pant clad ladies of spin class! Few if any of whom have ever cycled outside, but each of which had more rhythm in their little fingers than I have in my entire body.  But I did learn how to say “LET’S GO BITCHHH – ESSSSSS!


I was also hit with the Spokane Plague, which made it hard to get the legs moving outside…

However, once home, it was back in the saddle! Being outside and moving is so much better!  I was able to jump right back into the bike commuting that I had missed so much while in Spokane.  I was asked one day “How can you be so excited to ride a bike 17 miles after a long day at work.”

I just smiled and replied, “How can I not be excited? Within a mile, any work stress is gone, once I get past UW and dodging colleges boys who are checking out coeds and drivers who are still dealing with work stress, I have 10 miles of riding through trees, along a lake and no real noise but other bikes and birds singing. It makes commuting fun!”

Ok ok, I know, I didn’t say all that (though I thought it) but I am pretty sure I said “Beats being stuck in traffic!” as I pedaled off.

I was also able to get the longer rides I needed to help prep the legs for May and beyond.  I did 100 miles, and started my cycling tan, to Sequim and back



The whole time getting to spot harbor seals, a porpoise, bald eagles and a kingfisher (Yes yes, I know, I am a nature geek!) I was also able to get in an almost 70 mile ride with the Lake Washington loop last weekend.

There was a time, when I first started riding, that the thought of doing either of these rides would have found me resting all week to “prepare” the legs.  I mean come on, the legs will be cranking for 5 or 7 hours (depending)!  I need to rest up!

Nowadays, I ride like normal all week, and will even do an extra ride the day before if I get a chance.  Maybe I am becoming a real cyclist! It does seem fitting one of the last rides of the month was coming home from the Bike Month Captain’s Bash!


So all combined, these legs, not counting ponytail bobbing time, cranked out 341 miles April.  60 more than last year.  (Though since I was 60 down in March I am breaking even!)

May, even though we have a week at the Coast, could shape up to be a record month for miles.  We will see what happens when I break out the calculator a month from now!  First Century is Sunday (tomorrow when this posts!)

Like the wind folks and thanks for tagging along!

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  1. No kidding — this year is flying by at super-sonic speed! Enjoy your century this weekend, and keep racking up the miles!

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