As long as I have a book I am happy!

Even though the weather was perfect yesterday, I am heeding the advice of Michelle as well as my biking, blogging buddy Sarah and taking a few days off the bike.  Manchild and I will be going to see the third Avengers movie later tonight, and last night was a date night for Michelle and I.

Now Michelle and I somehow get extremely busy this time of year.  I am training for my bike rides, and she for her half marathons.  Because of this, we work hard to have at least one or 2 date nights each month.  We take off from work a little early, eat some yummy food and sip good wine.  We deserve it!

Sometimes we go to Woodinville and hit a winery or two before dinner, and others we walk from work to downtown Seattle.  The downtown nights usually entail an errand or two as well, but we are walking, holding hands and talking as we do so, which makes it fun.

Last night was one of these.  Later, while Michelle was talking to a friend of hers telling her about the night, I had to giggle when the friend sounded all shocked ans said “What the heck was Tony doing when all this was going on? He had to be bored!”

So with that it is time to explain.  Our first stop on the trek was Aveda.  Michelle and I can eat frozen pizza, boxed mac and cheese, have beer in a dive bar, but she is VERY picky on what goes on her hair and on her face. (My Pert Plus is just NOT an option.) So she very devoted to Aveda products and, since she looks amazing, I don’t argue!

Normally we go in, she grabs what she wants and we are gone in 10 minutes.  This time it was different.  The lady offered to check her hair and determine if … something. (At that point it was all Greek to me, I had no clue what was being said).  Now Michelle knows me well.  I am very low maintenance.  If I have a book and chair, I don’t care how long something takes.  I had both!

I was hanging out, minding my own business, reading away, and now and then I would look up and listen.  Those two were chatting away about all kinds of stuff I still didn’tunderstand, and both sounded like they were having fun.  (And, isn’t date night about having fun?)  I was happy and relaxed, so there was no worries when the 10 minute stop was closer to an hour. Michelle found new stuff, and had a blast, I made some serious headway with Hemingway.

The next stop was Nordstroms.  Now, some guys would cringe on this, “UGH Shopping!” In fact it is so bad, I noticed Nordies put in bar for husbands/boyfriends who hate shopping.  They don’t have my wife.

  1. She is fast! If there is nothing she likes, we are out!
  2. She looks good in the stuff she tries on so I get to check her out in them

image3. She sometimes will try on something just to let me see her in it.  it’s honestly fun shopping with her.  AND, there is always a chair and the Kindle App on the phone! We left there with a couple of pairs of shoes.

Finally, it was the Gap.  Now you might be thinking “This is a LOT of shopping!”but she never shops.  Very rarely to we do this.  We walked in, I kicked back and she was off!  As she tried stuff on, she’d come out and ask the opinion (and yep I am pretty good at giving them!  Hell I have even brought extra things for her to try on while she is in the dressing room!  Personal Shopper Valente they call me!)  She found stuff she liked, it was on sale and we were out in nothing flat!

I was then Sherpa hubby (my choice, the guy is supposed to carry the bags) as we walked to Tuttabella for dinner!  I had the best calzone in a very long time.  Some good wine, and we just relaxed and talked about next years vacations and bike rides.

Now for the guys out there who are still cringing, remember this.  This is lady who gets up at dark-thirty to get me to rides like the STP and Reach the Beach.  Then she is there, at the finish line, to help get the bike and I to the hotel room, including room service if needed.  She has dinner either cooking or ready most nights when I get home from a bike commute, as well as gatorade in the fridge, and she supports me no matter what ride I take.

Since she takes an active part in my interests, an evening of shopping and a 4 mile walk is nothing in comparison.  Plus, and most importantly, I had fun.  I got to watch Michelle get pampered and waited on, and she deserves it.

So honestly, I should change the title of this:  As long as I have Michelle, I am happy.  (But the book keeps me from having to discuss hair products!)

Like the wind folks!

8 thoughts on “As long as I have a book I am happy!

  1. It makes me smile to no end when you blog about Michelle — it’s quite obvious that you’re madly in love with your wifey! 🙂 Sounds like a productive and enjoyable date night. 🙂

    I’m glad to hear that you’re taking a few days off the bike. And I’m even more glad to hear that you also use the ‘poo in the green bottle. Three cheers for Pert! 😉

  2. Sign of true love, any man that goes clothes shopping with a woman. I love my wife but god help, do not make me go clothes shopping with the wife, for that matter myself.

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