Not even thinking about the ride…

In 48 hours from right now, I will be done with my second century of the month, and probably very contented with a big meal and some tasty wine afterwards. Normally, I’d be sitting here about now planning what to pack, double checking the snacks, reviewing the route….

But for once I am doing none of that.  In all honesty, all I can focus on is knowing when I am done I will be at the ocean!


This is Haystack rock, the terminus of the Reach the Beach Lung Association ride.  I will honestly pull in, park my bike on the beach, (after the obligatory victory photo.

Finished Reach the Beach
Finished Reach the Beach

And we will then spend the rest of the week at the Ocean at the Inn at Spanish Head.



I will be very surprised if the bike leaves the hotel room after I park it.  I am honestly looking forward to just being at the ocean.  In fact, instead of planning for the ride, I am sitting here thinking about all the things that make me love the coast, especially the Oregon Coast!

The most important is that this is where Michelle was born! So the Coast gave me the love of my life


Then, it’s just the ocean itself. I am far from a romantic, and aside from a dirty limerick or two (There once a man from St Claire…) or the occasional haiku, I am sure as hell not a poet.  But there is something about the ocean that just makes me want to sit and look at it,


Breath it in, feel the wind, taste the salt.  Even I, who some believe never sits still, can sit for hours and watch waves crash


I can’t count how many times I’ve been at the coast, this is the 4th year in a row for Michelle and I going, I’ve cycled the entire state


And have never had a trip I did not like.  I just want to sit, watch a sun down




and flat ignore all the stress, issues, and problems that can hit you in real life.  The ocean is safe zone.  Even though I will still probably send a blog post or two (because yes, my name is Tony, and I am a Blogaholic….) but the chances of me reading a newspaper or watching anything related to current events is nil!

Then, after just experiencing the ocean itself, there is the knowing that at any minute, you might stumble across wildlife you’d never would at home

image image image image image image

Let us not forget the science geek/little kid who can never get enough of the rocks, sea stacks and opportunities to climb (Now I never said I would sit ALL the time!)

image image image image image image image image image

To put it simply, aside from the top of a mountain, which is much harder to get to, the ocean is the one place that I just slow down and enjoy the beauty that nature has given us.  I can marvel at the force of the waves hitting the immovable rocks.  And even though I know, down deep, that nothing can stop the ocean from winning, I silently root for the rocks to stand their ground, and force the waves back, making the droplets reach high to the sky before falling back in despair.


How inspiring is the Oregon Coast?  It makes even me, cold and callous Valente, get in touch with his inner artist.  (yes it is ok to laugh)


This is the original photo I drew (well kinda) from


So yep, part of it is because I know I can do a century without any worries, but the main reason I am not thinking about the ride, is simply because I am just so damn excited to just let my mind, body and spirit just simply sit and be, cuddle with Michelle and just have fun.

There will also be some damn good beer as well (Even at peace I AM still a WSU COUG!)



Wish me luck everyone, I will let you know how it all goes!

5 thoughts on “Not even thinking about the ride…

  1. Love the photographs, but I love the drawing by Cold’n’Callous Artsy Tony even more! I bet this will be your fastest century ever! How could it not be with such a wonderful reward at the end of your ride!

    Now, you and Michelle behave while you’re in Oregon. Okay you two little love birdies? 🙂

    Enjoy the century!

  2. Good luck, loved being able to dip my toe in the Pacific in Nothern Calfornia of after a month long road trip round the state. Everything you’ve written chimes with me.

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