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One of the reasons people start riding a bike is to get in shape and lose weight. It just stands to figure, if you pedal instead of drive to work, you burn calories and get that much more in shape.  Since I don’t eat till I get to work, and then its oatmeal, it works well for me.

However, there is one day a year when it is EASY to take in a helluva lot more calories than you burn. And that day was today!

Today was that day, as it was National Bike to Work Day!

May is always Bike Month.  It’s the perfect month for it.  The days are getting longer, and for the most part  warmer and dryer. For most people, it is the beginning of summer and a great time to blow the dust off the bike and stink off the rider!



But one Friday in May is designated as bike to work day. A day for all those who have ever thought about riding to work can do it.  Or for those of us who already do ride, to beg, threaten or double dog dare co workers to try it JUST once.

The goal? To have then find out how much fun it is to ride a bike in the fresh air instead of sucking fumes stuck in traffic.  If they have fun once, maybe they will do it again.  Shoot, I ride 3 times a week, 52 weeks a year. But there had to be a first time.

I will say, even if I didn’t know it was Bike to Work day, I woulda known pretty darn quick.  First, there were a TON of riders on the trail.  And these were not the normal riders.  I saw old bikes, new bikes, book bags, old panniers and any other way you can think of to carry clothes to work.

There were the normal experienced commuters (some of which who looked cranky to be sharing their trail) and people who looked like they may not have ridden for years.  The important part though?  Every one of these riders was one less car on the road.  Some of these folks looked tuckered, but most of them looked like they were having fun.

But with all this, where do the calories come from?

Well, to help celebrate and support the new riders, all along the trail are tents of food!



Fruit, coffee, Top Pot Donuts all for the taking!  I will admit it, I stopped, had a bit of coffee and YEP a donut! It was good!  I also entered to win a new bike and got a 2015 bike month water bottle.  Yep, I am all about the free stuff! I could feel my tires squish a bit more as I rode away.

Now there were LOTS of different places to stay, but Self Control Valente they call me! So I passed them with a wave and a “Thanks for being here!” shout as I went by. Passed them by I did, until I saw these guys.



It was the brass section, but it was the stack of brownies on the other table. Yep, my weakness.  I hit the brakes and grabbed one as I came to the stop and took a HUGE bite.  It was…YUCKY!!! This was NOT a brownie!!  It was a Chia Bar!  Or as they put it, “A little bite of healthy!”  OMG it was bad.  So I grabbed a cup to fill it from their jug to find Blech!!!!  It was some kind of healthy juice. Not a good stop!

I will give the people running it points though, I heard the line of the morning from them.  “Thanks for riding!  You are saving the planet better than those people driving a Prius!” I had a bad taste in my mouth, but I did puff out my chest more.

In addition, there was a surprise for me!  Normally I pay closer attention to the odometer.  But its been a busy month.  So imagine my surprise as I was wheeling the bike to the elevator to go home, and I took a closer look.  I honestly let loose with a “Well Damn!”



Sure as hell, I hit a Milestone 2.5 months after hitting 18K, I hit 19!  And I still have 3 more centuries this month to give me a jump-start on the next milestone.  Which, when I hit 20,000 will necessitate a name change to the blog.  These legs of mine have almost gotten me to ride the equivalent of the equator!

All in all a great day!  And when this publishes, I will be on the road cycling toward the ocean!  Wish me luck!


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  1. There were soooo many riders out there yesterday morning. ‘Twas great to see! I had no problem riding past the Top Pot Donuts, but I *had* to stop for the Theo samples at the Fremont Bridge stop. Damn – them samples was real good!

    Have a great ride today, and enjoy your R’nR @ the beach! 🙂

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