The things you can see at the ocean!

I am sure there are some who can come to the ocean and treat it just like they were at home.  They sit inside, they watch TV, they play video games and never really look around to see all there is to see. Luckily we are NOT like that.  One of the reason’s we go to the ocean, aside from just wanting to listen to the waves, is see all the beauty, natural and otherwise, you only get here.

My second phot blog post will share some with ya! 

On the Oregon Coast, as with any ocean, the waves are always in motion.


This means that over millions of years, they have slammed into shore and eroded anything soft, leaving just the hardest of rocks.  Even these can give way over time, but for now, they are gorgeous.  I can look at them time and time again.









Or this octopus tree, 300 years old, but no center trunk, just branches


Or, when the storms get the best of a giant tree, you can see how large the roots are


Even a “normal” tree can be cool


Though, not as spectacular, but still cool, you have he man made items.  Like the tiniest lighthouse ever at Cape Meares


It is only 38 feet tall, but since it sits this high off the water

imageIt works perfectly.  I will tell you you have to WANT to get to his light house to see it but as you can see, it’s wort it.  It made us smile!

imageSorry for any typos!  Using the iPad is hard!


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2 Responses to The things you can see at the ocean!

  1. sarburch says:

    You’re making me wish I was there! 🙂

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