Well, here I sits after a long drive home.  Michelle is out getting her hair did.  Appointments are hard to come by (Unless you use Hairmasters like I do) So we made sure to leave in time to get home for it.  It was nip and tuck there for a bit, and I unloaded the car like the wind, but she is there.

I have gotten thing put away, laundry started, everything needing it watered, and singed some hair on the legs burning weeds from an area that will be barked Saturday.

I am taking a second to sit, and do one last photo blog, even though I have access to the real computer. I wanted to share the cool animals we saw!  Later, I will get a real post going.

First off, one can’t go to Newport OR without first hearing, then smelling, and finally seeing the local Sea Lions!

image image image imageThey hang out here most of the year.  They are not tame or fed, but they also have no fear of those of us trying to take their picture.

I was wondering if this cage was to ship away some of the excess population


But I am happy to report the use this to trap the ones that need vet care.  When all is good, its simply another place for them to lie around all day!

These fellas were more in there natural habitat


Next, Michelle and I both had a first.  For years (more her than I since she lived on the coast!) we had wanted to see a puffin outside of the aquarium.  We were beginning to think they were myths.

However, at Canon beach, we met some ladies who looked an awful lot like Jane Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbillies

1_c89131e10d882bb7f46c13e6922d9ed4And Sure enough they showed us JUST where to look.  Soon, I was able to get this!



After they showed us what they looked like while flying, we realized we’d been seeing them for years.  So if you are ever at Canon Beach, look for Miss Jane (or someone who resembles here) and they will help you.

For the first time ever, I was able to get some decent pictures of the brown pelicans.  Michelle and I were talking that when we were younger, much like with bald eagles, we never saw these birds at the coast.  Now, though, both are everywhere.  Sadly this year I didn’t get a good eagle picture (Though we saw plenty) but check the pelicans out.



Of course we also had sea gulls


image When doing a little tide pooling I saw anemones





Hermit Crabs



And Snails



Not to mention all the barnacles.

Finally, though I never got a picture, 4 different times we had gray whales pass by just off shore, not much further out than these rocks I was climbing on.



We were told they were in so far toward shore because there was a pod of orcas off shore and they were looking for calves.  We never saw an orca, but we saw many of the calves.  We were very lucky to see as many as we did.

All in all a great trip.  As always we wish it was longer, but as you can see, we saw a lot!!

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  1. Brilliant, we’re also lucky here to have abundant sea life on the coast, including masses of puffins. Only very, very occasional whales though. It’s great paddling out to the islands as well.

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