Beer, Bikes and Grits

Folks, contrary to popular belief at work, I am honestly very anti social.  I do not like big crowds or a lot of people.  Shoot, I don’t even like going out to lunch with most of the people I work with. (Michelle and I did go out with Coni today, THAT was fun). So, in general, any type of after work function I tend to skip.

Editors note:  I will flat lie to get out of doing something, then later fess up that I did.  After a couple of times of doing this, people stop asking.

However, today was different.  This was the End of Bike Month bash.

First off, it was being held at the Peddler Brewing Company in Ballard. This is a Brew pub just off the Burker Gilman trail and set up  for cyclist.


I’ve tried to go there a few times in the past, but never made it.  The first time I just flat couldn’t find it.  The second, I found out they, at the time, were not open on Wednesdays.  This time, I was armed with Siri if need be (and she was since they’d changed the trail in Ballard) and the knowledge that they were open for sure!

It was a great day for riding, aside for it being a bit too toasty (80 degrees out there!) The route to Ballard is nice as it let’s me avoid delays from draw bridges



The trail goes under the Fremont Bridge, so I didn’t get stopped due to a single sailboat!

The bash was scheduled to start at 5, but as you can see, it was in full swing by the time I got there!



After grabbing an On Your Left IPA, I snagged a corner of a table and ended up talking to Robin and Stanley (yep really his name was Stanley).  I should say I talked mostly to Robin (A math professor at UW Bothell) cuz Stanley just seemed to nod a lot. (That woman barely took a breath!)

It was fun though.  She has done many of the rides I have done, and in fact, she was on the same ride I was last week, The 7 Hills of Kirkland.  It’s a good thing she was!  The tables were right in the sun, and those of us in the Northwest are just not used to such hot weather so soon!  During last week’s ride she picked up some packets of sun screen. When she started handing them out, she became very popular!  I was sure to grab one.

I had only planned to have one beer (as I have a century first thing tomorrow morning) but sitting and talking bikes in the hot sun is thirsty business.  I soon had a second!

However, as a die-hard WSU COUG, and experienced beer drinker, I knew I better get some food in me.  For the bash, the Peddler Tavern had enlisted the Services of the Kiss My Grits food truck.  (No lie you can’t make this up!)  Well I was hungry and willing to give it shot, so I ordered the Shrimp and Grits. (with bacon and mushrooms as well)

The lady asked me if I wanted an egg on top for “Extra protein.” Given that I was a beer in, and STARVING by this time, I said sure!



You know, as scary as it looks, it was DAMN good! Coupled with that second beer, it was the perfect meal for a hungry cyclist!  Sadly, though, with a hot meal and hot sun, the second beer went way too fast.

I was faced with a dilemma.  It was 6 PM, and my beer glass was dry as a tater chip.  There was a raffle drawing at 630, but knowing me, hanging out for anther half hour would mean another beer.  I still had 20 miles to ride home tonight, and then up at 5 for the century ride tomorrow.

Reluctantly, I made the correct decision.  I handed my tickets over to Robin and Stanley, grabbed the bike and headed out!

It was a perfect ride home. The trail was in the shade, there was a breeze off the lake, and I took my time to enjoy it.  All in all a great night.  Not bad for this anti-social cowboy.  Though I am looking forward to riding alone and NOT talking tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Beer, Bikes and Grits

  1. And…you got Robin and Stanley’s contact information so you can see whether your tickets were winners, right? Not that you’d necessarily *need* the prize, but because it would make a great story for your blog fans to read that you left *just* before you won a brand new bicycle and free beer for life! 🙂

    Good luck at your century tomorrow!

    1. Damn!! I knew I forgot to do something!

      Though in 50’years of trying my ticket has never been pulled! Oh well if they won it adds to my good karma account!

      Thanks it should be fun

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