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You look like you are in pretty decent shape…

A quick glance at the calendar tells me that the RAMROD, my big ride for the year, is a little over a month away.  This means I am rapidly running out of weekend days left to me to get training … Continue reading

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The day Tony got smart

I have said this many times, over the years: It is funny where one gets one’s blog fodder.  Sometimes it’s the radio, sometimes a conversation at work and sometimes it’s its our old pal Facebook. For this post, it was … Continue reading

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A quick 25!

Well the time has finally come. Even though I do not have an official desk as yet, I have moved to the Lynnwood office of the Mighty P.  Most people would be very excited to be a mere 5 miles … Continue reading

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Bloggers Block?

I have quite a few friends that are real writers.  They have published books, articles and poetry.  I’ve never asked them, but I am sure at least one, if not all of them, have from time to time suffered from … Continue reading

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The world at 7 mph

I have had many posts about the name Mountainstroh (as in my web page so I won’t get into detail here of its origin.  Suffice it to say, the name was inspired by Mt. Rainier, a place I have … Continue reading

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Raising them from pups!

Over the life of this blog, I have mentioned my friends from college, the men of Strohs, Scott, Dave and Jim.  Michelle also has her friends from way back Kim, Mark and Rob.  Over the years, those 4 have had … Continue reading

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Yep he seriously said it!

OK, in the years since has been around, I have tried not expound on my on beliefs too much when it comes to religion or politics. I will pick on the UW Huskies any chance I get, call out stupid car … Continue reading

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Racking up the miles: May 2015

Looking back over the years, for some reason, May is always my biggest mileage month.  There are a few reasons for this: The weather starts getting nicer and the days longer I start to see the benefits of the riding … Continue reading

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