Racking up the miles: May 2015

Looking back over the years, for some reason, May is always my biggest mileage month.  There are a few reasons for this:

  1. The weather starts getting nicer and the days longer
  2. I start to see the benefits of the riding I’ve done earlier in the year
  3. Century season starts in the Northwest.

All of these were true this month as well…

Early on this year I signed up for three Century rides.  The first being the Mayday Classic that took me out to Mt Rainier and Back



As rides go, this one can be the most unpredictable.  Last year’s was wet and miserable and honestly one of the worst days I had spent on 2 wheels.  This year, as you can tell, was completely different blue sky, sunshine, and a great harbinger for future rides in May of 2015!

Add to it, it is bike month in Washington state, Somehow, over the last 2 years at the Mighty P, I have become the de facto bike guru.  This means  once again I am captain of our work team.  Its been fun to watch this year as all rides, not just commuting to work counts.

I’ve got a brand new rider (he got his bike just over a month ago) who has logged 24 trips and just over 95 miles.  I’ve also got my little folding bike rider who uses her’s for quick errands on the weekends.  She has 10 trips and 12.5 miles, and as arranged for us to have free Cafe food tomorrow at work!  Combined my team was just shy of 2000 miles total and I am damn proud of them!

Even with a vacation, I tried to bike as much as I could to and from the office


Bike to work day was a blast and I loved my Top Pot donuts and the “in flight” entertainment was nice



I also hit a new milestone that day!


I have now biked to and/or from work regularly every month for the last 26 months.  When this posts, I will be starting my 27th!

The day after bike to work day, was the Reach the Beach.  Surprisingly the hardest of my rides all month, and the worst for the ego due to headwinds.  But again, it was much dryer than the first time I did it two years ago, and most importantly, I made it!



Actually, let me rephrase, the best part was Michelle waiting for me and us going on vacation AFTER the ride.


The legs appreciated the week off as well.

Earlier in the month, I was told about a new (to me) ride, the 7 Hills of Kirkland.  Complete with its own bagpiper.



I just did not have the mental fortitude nor the legs after too much yard work for this one, so I did the Metric Century (60 miles) with a 20 mile round trip from my car to the starting line for a total of 80.

Saturday’s Flying Wheels was night and day from the 7 Hills 5 days before.  Fresh legs, great weather and a fantastic 114 miles, the longest ride, not only of the month but since last year’s Seattle to Portland.  I was amazed how well it went, but I am thinking the grits and beer the night before might have propelled me along.



I do have a confession.  I knew that I had the most miles ever in the month.  This morning I did the math and realized that I was 6 miles away from a truly epic monthly total (yes I am a geek).  After the errands, Michelle sent me off to get my 6 miles (Ok I did 8 to be sure)

It was a slow and easy ride along the Burke Gilman dodging little kids on bikes and watching a girl in a bikini yelling at, kicking and hitting someone I assume was her boyfriend (never a dull moment.) I am pretty sure there was booze involved.

In the end, not only do I have a record month, I have my first month ever over 60o miles.  Yep, 602 miles in May people!  Until I do a multi week trek someday in the future, this amount will stand for quite a while!.  In fact, I am already planning to go much easier on myself next May!

Thanks for coming along!

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