Yep he seriously said it!

OK, in the years since has been around, I have tried not expound on my on beliefs too much when it comes to religion or politics. I will pick on the UW Huskies any chance I get, call out stupid car drivers and bike riders, and tell stories of those who annoy me.

So, even though I am going to go off the Gawd of Right Wing Talk show hosts, his royal highness the Prince of Pomposity, Rush Limbaugh, I am not doing it for political reasons, I am doing so because the man said something even more ridiculous that normal (and for him that is an accomplishment! (OK a dig there I admit))

The man said someone was too old to ride a bike!

In the interest of full disclosure, I first saw that he said this on Facebook.  Which as we know is always 100% accurate.  (Just ask Bill Nye the Science Guy who once a year seems to have posts that he suddenly died.)

Knowing this, I went in search of a reliable source, and sure as hell, here at there Huffington Post, is the audio AND a transcript.  Here is what he said.

“Do you know how old John Kerry is? It’s tough, you know. You can’t tell a horse’s age when you look it, and since Kerry looks like a horse, it’s tough. But he’s 71 years old. Now, would somebody tell me something? What is a 71-year-old man, secretary of state, doing riding a bicycle — or, alternatively, windsurfing off Nantucket? Why is somebody riding a bicycle while in the midst of sensitive negotiations and attempting to secure nuclear weapons for Iran? Exercise? BS.”

Yeah….  Where to start, where to start.

OK, let’s start with context first.

I remember walking around Washington State University a few years ago, and I overheard the two kids talk about an NFL football player.  One said, “Well you know, he’s ancient, he has to be at LEAST 35.  It’s a wonder he can still walk!”

I considered pushing them down the stairs ahead of me, but I refrained.  But it is something I would expect an 18-20 year old to say, 35 is ancient, to them 71 is dust!

The Rushinator, he is 64.  7 years younger than the Secretary of State.  So, #1, the only reason he should think Dan is old is if he sees himself as old. (and maybe he does) But #2, if the man spent any time outside, even walking on a multiuse trail, he’d see people WELL over 71 riding every day.  I do, and in fact, some of them pass my 50-year-old ass like I am sitting still.

Each and every day I ride home, I pass by a gentleman heading the other way who has to pushing 80.  He is smiling, happy, and cruising right along.  It’s possible that he has someone picking him up at the end, but from the looks of him, he has a round trip going.  At the point I am passing him, I would guess he is doing a minimum of 10 miles, but it could easily be 2 – 3 times that far.

Maybe next time I see him, I better stop him and let him know “DUDE!!  You better stop right here and call for your walker!  You are way to old to ride!”

Riding is the perfect exercise.  Low impact, efficient power to motion conversion, fresh air, great views and just plain fun!  Something this cigar smoking windbag of a radio voice (sorry slipped again) would know little about.

John Kerry on the other hand DOES know.  Evidently (and I did not know this) he is an avid cyclist and frequently takes his bike in his travels.  The man has a job, yes.  And its a high stress job, but I am relatively sure there is a set schedule for these negotiations.  I am guessing the ride was outside of this schedule.

I once again am showing my biased here, but all the pictures of Rush that I found would indicate to me he is NOT big on exercise. (Though smoking cigars seems to be afavorite pastime.)  Those of us who workout know one of the best ways to relieve stress is to work out.  I have commented time and time again how a crappy day at work goes away within a few miles of the 2 wheeled commute.  Why would Dan Kerry be any different.  In fact, if he rides regularly, and it sure looks like he does (picture from


Not riding for a while makes it harder to focus when you are at work.  Everyone needs an outlet.  Maybe if John Kerry’s was scotch and cigars Rush would be able to relate more.

The worst part about this is the effect he has on his listeners.  They know he aint god, but he’s was close as they get via a phone call.  (I know this because the times I have listened (lost in Eastern Washington and only able to find one radio station) Eunice from Eugenia GA always calls in saying , “Rush I just thank GAWD you are here to tell us what to think..).”

He may have convinced some septuagenarians to hang up their padded shorts!  “Rush says I am too old! I better stop!”

Finally, I guess I can’t argue much about the “looking like a horse” comment.  Since Rush is clearly acting like a horses ass here, he has a unique perspective.

OK, done with this.  Time to turn the station to some Classic Rock!

HEY its Queen!

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiiiike….

I feel a cleansing of the airwaves happening!  Ride till you can’t walk people, it will keep you young!


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