Raising them from pups!

Over the life of this blog, I have mentioned my friends from college, the men of Strohs, Scott, Dave and Jim.  Michelle also has her friends from way back Kim, Mark and Rob.  Over the years, those 4 have had at least as many adventures and misadventures as my guys and I!

Last year, even though I know they all liked me (I know this because Mark here has threatened to end my life many times over the years (sometimes multiple times a day), a sure sign of affection! )




I was accepted into the clan.

How do I know?  Well, when out for dinner at an Italian place in Portland, Rob reached over with his fork and took a bite of my diner.  Completely out of the blue!  This is what they do when they are out without me.  They like to taste as many different things as possible. If they didn’t like me, the food would’ve all been mine! Hmmm, that means I have to share!

But I digress…

Last week, Michelle got a text asking for my number, as they had questions for me…  Naturally I assumed the questions that needed to be answered were about my two areas of expertise, The Walking Dead, and/or Game of Thrones.  Little did I know it was about something completely different.  Yep, two of them now own bikes!





HUH!  I am starting to rub off on them!  I thought I’d be teaching them to stand on their heads and drink beer, but nope, I am raising new riders!  I am so proud!  There may even be a single manly tear of joy shed.,.. Maybe.

So all week, I have been answering questions over text of what I think they need.  I am no expert, but y’all know I am happy to give opinions any day.  So, personally, this is what I think they need.

  • helmets
  • under seat bags
  • fenders (I ride in the rain, and it rains more here than there…)
  • headlight
  • blinky red back light
  • Simple Odometer/Speedometer (though knowing them they will want a fancy Garmin)



  • padded cycling gloves
  • sun glasses
  • mirrorimage image
  • A good lock to prevent this
  • imageSpare tubes
  • Tire irons
  • patch kits
  • floor pump and a pump to carry on the bikes
  • CO2 cartidges
  • flat pedals (Someday yes switch to clipless, but these guys haven’t ridden in years, we need to get them ok on a bike first.
  • padded shorts (A must!)
  • chamois butter (angry butts are NOT fun)
  • two water bottles
  • Allen wrenches and a multi tool
  • chain cleaner and lube
  • New bike seat (if the one with the bike came with sucks(and they usually do!))
  • puncture resistant tires (cuz I hate flats!)

Phew!!! I just looked back over this list and its a wonder they a still talking to me!! Maybe I will just let them read this post and let them pick what they want.  I won’t even get into wet  and cold weather gear, indoor trainers, panniers….  It’s a good thing they started asking questions after they bought the bikes, or they might not have pulled the trigger!

I am looking forward to seeing and hearing about many, many two-wheel adventures.  It does the old heart proud to see new riders take the streets. Shoot, someday I might be reading one of their bike blogs!

But for you riders out there, did I miss anything?

Like the wind!

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