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Sturdy bike, COUG Shirt, Must be Tony!

When I first started riding a bike, back in 2008, there was one guy (The husband of a friend of the ex-wife (Who still holds the prestige of being the only guy I truly disliked on first sight)) who would … Continue reading

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Just crossed finish line! More tomorrow! RAMROD BABY!

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The Time is Nigh….

Back in 2007 our buddy Mountainstroh stored his crampons, lost his glacier glasses and hung up his ice-axe.  Like an old west sheriff, he reached the time to retire.  Going strictly on my won/loss record (or summit/no summit) I was … Continue reading

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Stupid SOB’s!

OK folks, fair warning here.  I do NOT like people who lump people together and complain about them.  Be it race, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality, it is just wrong.  However, today, I am going to break that rule a … Continue reading

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OK, where did the BAD karma come from?

Ever have one of those days in which you just KNOW somewhere somehow you did something wrong and the karma gods are getting even? Well I will tell you, the last 24 hrs has been just that!

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Book Review: Cycling Home From Siberia, Rob Lilwall

Last month, Michelle and I hit the used book sale at Third Place Books, our local independent book store.  Michelle was looking for books for the little free library, while I was browsing looking for a book to download to … Continue reading

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Feeding the Inner geek

I’ve often wondered how my love for science started. Growing up I was NOT a big sports fan.  My dad would turn on football and I would groan.  “How LONG is this on!!  2 minutes left??  Than can last an … Continue reading

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Milestone, Nature ride and “It’s because you are a COUG!”

This was a the perfect weekend for a long ride.  The weather was still cloudy and cool. It is 3 weeks until the RAMROD and the Manchild was not up this weekend.  Plus, once again Michelle was telling me YES … Continue reading

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Finally Relief!

I know some of y’all think I am nuts when it comes to the weather.  But up here in Seattle, during the end of June and early July it does NOT get hot.  Let alone 5 straight days of 90 … Continue reading

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They knew the risks

I consider myself very lucky living in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to the great places to cycle, the oceans, the great coffee and fantastic wine, the hiking one can experience up here would compare to anywhere in the world. … Continue reading

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