Racking up the Miles: June 2015

There have been many years the people of Seattle have lamented June for the weather it brings.  In the past, it has been referred to as Junuary, cold, wet and having no resemblance to summer at all.  In short, I love it! Days are longer, it’s not too hot, and its the perfect time to be outside.

Long term western Washington dwellers will tell you, to a person, summer does not start until the weekend after Independence Day.

That would be normal years, this ain’t one of them!

The year without a winter has morphed into an unheard of early summer for Seattle!  I just read that we busted the record for the warmest June ever, AND, equaled the #8 warmest August.  I am now officially afraid of the rest of the summer! I may melt…

However, I do have to say, it has been a great cycling month.  I have had no traveling, and very few reasons to not ride home from work.  Plus, with the RAMROD exactly 1 month away, it was important to get both quantity and quality miles under my belt.  This was even more important as I was tempted to sit on ass after a record-setting May.

That said, I ramped it up and rediscovered my absolute favorite place to ride, Mt. Rainier.



There are no longer hills, or higher altitude riding in Seattle.  I was lucky enough to skip out of work one day, and find an empty Saturday to get not one but two trips up there.

Not to sound too sappy, but there is just a special peace that gets inside me when I ride in the mountains like that.  I know I am going up hill, but I also know at the top is a special destination.  Not only is it gorgeous, but pure and simple, not all riders could get there.



I had time to stop and check out nature along the way




as well as learn something new in Geology.



Maybe it riding in Rainier made me more observant or maybe it was dumb luck, but even the rides along the local trail delivered some rare sights.

image image


I won’t say I ever lost the enjoyment in cycling, but this month, even though I had some damn hard rides, I was reminded time and again how much I DO enjoy it.  More importantly I was reminded WHY.

Anyone can drive, and I do love doing so up at Rainier.  But trapped inside a car you miss the smells, the sounds and just the feeling of the air.  The way it gets down right cold when you get to a big glacier fed waterfall,


finding out a butterfly can fly faster than 7 mph because he passed you like you were sitting still, and the sound of snakes disappearing into the grass as you go by.

All in all, even though blog wise there were only 7 posts all month, these legs carried me 403 miles over all.  Better yet, they carried just where I needed to be.  Mountainstroh needs his mountains from time to time, and there are none prettier or more spectacular than mine,




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