Nature from the easychair

OK, pure and simple it is HOT!  Today, once again, we hit the 90s, and in Washington, most of us do not have A/C.  But then, most summers we get one or two days in the 90s, and that is usually July or August.  It does NOT do this June and sure as hell not for a week or two in a row!

Today, I left work at 1 and braved the heat for a 35 mile ride.  I emptied three bottles of water/powerade along the way! It was a hard 35!

Since it has been so hot, we have spent a lot of time in our comfy red chairs, in front of the fan.  With more sitting, I have noticed more that goes on in the back yard….

Michelle and I both like having squirrels, birds and other critters flitting around in our back yard.  We also know that wildlife, to feel safe, has to have places to hide, perch and relax.  To this end, we don’t spend a LOT of time weeding and clearing the back planter area.



We have also put in birdbaths that we refill every evening when I water  the garden.  We were expecting LGBs (Little gray birds) but we believe all are welcome!




But, as you can see, we (OK Michelle) have worked hard to plant the plants that attract things like the hummingbird above.  To that end, we also have our butterfly bushes .



Which, when blooming like they are now attract the butterflies, more hummingbirds and a ton of honey bees,  I can sit here for quite a while and just watch whatever seeks out the Valente’s flowers.  In fact, watching this allowed me to get this shot.



Yep, hummingbirds DO sit!  Makes me wonder how often we walk right by them and just never notice because they are so small.  He sat there for about 15 minutes. (Which is nice, normally he is VERY camera-shy I never get him resting!

With the shade, water and quiet space, we also get someone even MORE camera-shy than the Hummer.



I have been trying for weeks to get a picture of my buddy the western red flicker drinking out of the birdbath.  Sadly, at the slightest movement, he takes off like a shot! He is handy to have around though, as he loves to land on ant hills and slurp them down all day long! (As my stepdad once said about jalpenos: The slurpier they are, the more I eats, and the more I eats the slurpier they are! )  One of these days I will get that picture.

Until then, I will just watch him drink, take dust baths and chow down for lunch.

But, the fun is not only at ground level.  For the last few days the solar system has been putting on one helluva show. First with spectacular moonrises:

image image

And then with Jupiter and Venus getting all cozy like and showing off right at sundown!


I don’t know how anyone can see stuff like these last two photos, and not be awed by the universe, want to explore it and just know there has to be life out there somewhere.  Science is amazing!

Anyone who reads 15,000 miles knows I love to bike and hike and will stop anywhere to snap a picture of something cool.

I am just lucky enough to live somewhere that nature comes to me as well!  We welcome all critters (except mosquitos) and very little surprises me.  Though this little fellow a few years ago did make me jump when he knocked on the window.



So if you don’t have a chair near a window, put one there, and just sit for a while.  You might be surprised what has been passing through!


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  1. It’s so great to see wildlife…especially in the city. That little raccoon is adorbs! I definitely would have invited him in for some tea, crumpets, and a belly rub. 🙂

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