Finally Relief!

I know some of y’all think I am nuts when it comes to the weather.  But up here in Seattle, during the end of June and early July it does NOT get hot.  Let alone 5 straight days of 90 degrees and something like 20 straight of over 80. I was starting to feel like I’d been stuck in a food dehydrator and left to shrivel up to a 5′ 7″ piece of beef jerky!

Then, the weather gods took pity on us, and yesterday was the perfect Seattle summer day!



Yep the clouds came back!

Earlier in the week, Michelle told me she thought I should take a longer ride on Friday.  Now that we have moved offices, I am only getting 10 miles a day roundtrip cycling to and from work.  It’s nice that I am home earlier and I ride both ways now so I feel like a real bike commuter.  But the miles just aren’t there.

So, being the excellent wife that she is, she sent me off on my own devices on a Friday afternoon.  And as you can see it was the perfect day for a ride


I decided this time to head south into Seattle.

The easiest route, especially on a Friday afternoon in Seattle where traffic can suck ass



Seattle, trafficis to head down the Interurban trail.  A combination of bike paths and shared residential roads that will, if you can follow the signs, take you all the way from Everett to Algona. (a good 40 – 50 miles).

As I rode the trail, I remembered how much I dislike this route.  Its ugly, not well maintained and sometimes I have to dodge someone sleeping under an overpass.

But, yesterday with the weather change, and feeling almost (and refreshingly) chilly for the first time in months, I had a bit of a readjustment.  Yep, it is ugly, yep it isn’t the best maintained trail (though they have made some improvements)

Seattle, Bike Seattle, Bike

but I started wondering how many cyclists in less bike friendly cities would trade their kid sister for our trail?  I decided to appreciate the fact that Seattle is ahead of most and stop whining!

The ride south was fun.  A bit of a headwind, maybe 70 degrees, and where I saw traffic, I was going faster than any of the cars.  I soon found myself in Fremont (famous for the solstice naked bike rides and some great places to eat and drink).  I was starting to get hungry (it was past my 5 PM dinner time!) but I refrained and got on to the Burke Gilman.

I like this part of the trail, as it takes me past some of the Houseboats made famous one of those Tom Hanks flicks.  I always get “You’ve Got Mail” and “Sleepless in Seattle” mixed up, but I think it was the latter.

Except for the color, this one has always been my favorite (especially since the bike on the lower left of the boat shows that even though he has no taste in color, he is a cyclist)



Though the rustic cabin look this one is cool as well



While taking the photos, I noticed something I hadn’t seen before.  One of these even comes with an outdoor bathtub!  What an interesting way to meet your neighbors!



The ride back on the Burke Gilman was even better.  I had a tail wind, they have opened all the detours, and there were very few people (I think the clouds chased them away!) I soon experienced something I hadn’t in quite a while.  I didn’t want to stop riding.

I have had many times when I knew I HAD to keep going, or I wondered “What’s over the next hill or the next turn.” But last night I had the: I just want to keep riding for the riding. Mind, body, bike and weather were in tune.  I went past my turn off to home and just kept cruising,

I wasn’t discovering new routes or seeing new sights, I have ridden this trail a 1000 times.  But last night, I had my stupid bike rider grin plastered on my face and wind whistling past my ears.  It was a good ride.

Finally though, I was low on liquid and hunger finally kicked in, so it was time to turn around.  I stopped at a bench to adjust my shoes and noticed someone had planted strawberries in a planter along the trail



What a cool thing to do! Must be fun for kids who are walking with parents to see if there is a ripe one!

I thought about stopping somewhere for food on the way back, but the 192 Brewery on the trail and Diamond Knot near the house were both mobbed.  After a long fun ride, I was just not in the mood for crowds.  So it was home, a couple of sandwiches and kicking back with a cool breeze blowing through the house.  A great end of a HARD work week!

Thanks for kicking my butt out onto the bike babe!


3 thoughts on “Finally Relief!

  1. I often feel that you push yourself too hard with bike rides, and I am happy to read of your riding for enjoyment and stopping to smell the roses — I mean, the strawberries! On the other hand, can’t you put a little more thought and effort into what you write? I wish you would not use cliches,
    can’t you think of any more descriptive words for traffic? And please consider updating your not-very-accurate comments about Fremont. It is a business-savvy neighborhood with high-tech companies mixed in with locally-owned small shops, a very walkable neighborhood with great resources. I like your view of the Aurora Bridge but why don’t you tell what it is and where you took the photo? Many people will not recognize it from this interesting angle. You should tell where you took those good photos and that the houseboats pictured were in Fremont, not the other ones which were in the movie.

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