Stupid SOB’s!

OK folks, fair warning here.  I do NOT like people who lump people together and complain about them.  Be it race, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality, it is just wrong.  However, today, I am going to break that rule a bit.

Why, because there are some serious assholes (excuse my language) who are causing misery to many of us in the Northwest!Who are these people you ask?  And how DARE I lump people together like this?  Well I will tell you!  It’s smokers who toss their lit butts out the windows of their cars!

I honestly don’t know what the weather has been like for all my readers.  But up here in western Washington, we are in the middle of the worst drought in history! Seattle has the reputation for raining year round, and honestly we like yall to think that so it keeps us from being overrun with people who want to live in the best place on Earth.  One of the reasons it is so great is that we don’t have THAT many people.

However, this year has been nuts.  Not only was it the year without a winter, I’ve recently read that we have only had 10% of out normal rain since mid April.  In all honesty, we are dry as a tater chip! Shoot, a strong sneeze can light a brush fire right now.

Ok, OK, that might be an exaggeration.  However, a tossing a cigarette will ignite almost every time.

In the last 2 weeks, we have had a neighborhood evacuated in Bonney Lake. 122 units of a Public storage go up in smoke, an apartment complex threatened, a major cross state highway (I 90) closed for days, and multiple  Seattle commutes screwed up ALL by brush fires!

I know, I know.  Some of you might be thinking: Dude, brush fires have been happening since Adam and Eve.  Have you ever heard of lightning?  Duh!!

Well, aside from rain, the other thing western WA is known for is a distinct lack of thunderstorms or lighting.  In fact, for the last two weeks, there hasn’t been a cloud in the sky!  Even Eastern WA, that does have cool storms. doesn’t have them this time of year.

Yes ladies and gents, if a fire erupts AFTER Independence day, it is dollars to donuts caused by a driver tossing a butt. In fact, the fire that ruined the lives of 122 families at the storage company has been proven to had started from a hand rolled butt tossed into the tall dry grass by a driver.


First, I don’t get smoking in general.  Lord knows I can be a risk taker but smoking will kill ya sure as hell.  Even if it doesn’t. it will sap your strength, drain your checking account, and make you smell bad.

But, given all that, it is a free country, so if’n you want to, then go for it.  Your funeral!

But, if’n you smoke in your car, why the HELL do have to toss it, still lit mind you, out of the car?  Hell, even when it doesn’t cause a fire, it is still littering!  Even on a hike in mountains I have stumbled over butts dropped on the trail!  Jerks!!

So yes. Regardless of the time of year, the weather conditions or where they live, I am lumping each and every smoker who, even once, tosses a lit item out of the car the category of a  complete ass! In fact, at the first time they get caught doing so, I think their car should be forfeited and sold to help pay for fighting wildfires!

British Columbia is considering doing just that!

Sorry for the rant, the language and, yes, the anger.  I can forgive many things, but honestly the pure disregard for others, and disdain for their fellow human beings makes the BP boil!  I am even considering bring back public flogging for those who get caught!

OK tirade over! Thanks for tagging along!

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  1. I haven’t been following much of the local news this summer, and so I had no idea that so many fires had been started by so many dumb asses. Your rant is totally justified. Totally!

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