Racking Up the Miles: July 2015

Wow, I looked at the calendar yesterday and realized “Holy Crap!  It’s August!!” Even though I had been tracking the days and watching out for the big ride of the year, it still surprised the heck out of me that we all already into the last real month of Summer.

So far this year, we have had a record 12 days of 90 or higher in Seattle.  The past record was 9 days.  And August is notoriously the hottest month of the year.  I swear I might melt!  But this post is not to whine about the weather, its to talk about the miles for the month…

As you have heard for the last few months, the entire goal this year was the RAMROD.  150 miles around Mt Rainier.

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I’d been training since essentially last summer, but in earnest since I was selected in the lottery at the beginning of April.  This lead to 4 century rides in May (with the overall single month mileage record) and multiple June climbs in Mt Rainier to get the legs prepped for this.

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However, years ago I learned, at least for me, that the best way for me to be ready is to taper off prior to the ‘big’ event and to start with fresh legs.  July was taper month!

I started with an ‘easy’ 100 miles the first weekend of the month, riding the ferry to Edmonds and cruising out to Sequim.



I hadn’t ridden 100 miles since May, and even though I had my climbs in, I needed to make sure the endurance was still their.  I pushed it some, so it was harder than I wanted it to be, but overall it felt good.

The remainder of the month was riding around here and back and forth to work.  Keeping the legs tuned, listening for anything wrong with the bike itself (call me paranoid) and looking toward the ‘big one!’

What struck me was how confident I was prior to the ride.  “Shoot there are only 3 climbs!” “Hell, I have climbed all those climbs already this year!” “I think some of the reputation may just be hype!”  All went through my head from time to time. (no longer!!)

UNTIL, the day before.  Yep, Wednesday last week I was useless at work.  I was pacing, looking at the route map. Mentally calculating distances and potential times.  The nerves I had not felt prior  hit hard.  Hell the night before, while at the hotel, I went back out to the car just to grab my helmet and shoes JUST in case someone broke into the car stole them. I am surprised I slept!

If you misses the recap of the ride itself, click here.

Funny though, with the month of taper, the miles still racked themselves up,  425 miles in July.  Aside from the record month in June, it is the most of the year, and in fact 20 miles more than last month.  Of course, ending with 150 miles didn’t hurt!

The big rides are over this year.  Which in itself will be a post for a later date.  It’s always strange when you hit your goal.

I will still have my butt in the saddle, but now to keep in shape and for fun.  Riding to work, 40 or so on the weekends.  Now it’s for the enjoyment, not necessarily for a quest.

Which can be summed up perfectly by Michelle, who, with a huge loving smile on her face, and pride in her eyes, said  “YAY!!! I am no longer a bike widow!!!!”

It’s now time for me to focus on her goals.  Two halfathons (her second and third this year)  in the next two months!! Go BABY!!

Thanks for tagging along y’all!


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  1. What an awesome month for you, Tony! I’m so proud of you! My best to Michelle in accomplishing her goals!

    P.S. I agree with the above comment — yes, please do your spin class again this winter. If for no other reason, that please do so for the entertainment of your readers. 😉

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