Have you recovered yet?

For those who know me and have been around me after my ‘big ride’ of the year, they’ve pretty much gotten used to me being up and ‘rarin to go’ the next day.  Lord knows I am not at 100%, the stairs at work seem MUCH steeper that then were before the rides, and I seem to make a lot more “old man noises.” For the most part, though, most would not know I have done anything major.

Since the RAMROD, though, I’ve had discussions people I don’t know, or some I don’t know that well, that have just made me smile.

For the record, there is no question that our hero was just plain fried at the end of the ride last Thursday.



I was hot, saddle sore, a bit dehydrated, leg-weary and just plain beat.  It was a hard ride.

Now I Michelle and I have a rule.  We do NOT wear the tshirt or bike jersey for this years event while participating in the event.  We consider it bad workout karma and could make the cycling or running gods think we are being disrespectful.  Once finished though, we wear it with pride!

The next day, that was just what I did.  I was sporting the RAMROD tshirt when I took the 82-year-old mom-in-law to urgent care. (She had a bit of a tumble during my ride, and wanted to get checked out the next day since she was sore.)

The doc came in, checked her out, decided to do X-rays, and then looked at me and said, “So, did you ride the RAMROD?”

“Yep”, said I, “Yesterday!”

He did a double take.  “WHAT, just yesterday??  And you are already moving around like nothing happened?”

Editor’s note: Trust me I was moving a bit slow, but compared to an 82-year-old with a walker, I musta looked a bit spry!

Then, he asked the questions every one asks.

  1. How long was the ride?
  2. How long did it take?
  3. Where does it take you?

When I answered the patented “150 miles, from Enumclaw into Rainier, up and down 3 good climbs and back to Enumclaw, and it took 13 hours.” He just got wide-eyed.  The man just seemed amazed I was alive, let alone walking, not a good look to receive from a medicine man!  He then started peppering me with more questions.

You know, I kinda think I’d still be there answering if I hadn’t said, “Soooo, Mum needs X-rays huh?”

“OH YEAH! We better get on that!” (she is ok by the way, no fractures, but yes sore muscles and maybe a minor sprain.

This morning was much the same.  I had dentist appointment, and it was time to pull a tooth.  We’ve been trying to get this done for the last 2 years, but something always comes up.  When it fell through again in April, there was no way it was gonna happen until the big rides were over.  Today was the day!

Well the extraction was as much fun as you might imagine, but less painful than I figured, and much faster than I expected.  (My dentist is a tiny lady, but strong!) And I was in the lobby, a mouth full of gauze, ready to head home when the hygienist came out to ask how the ride went.

Answering questions after a tooth pull, mouth numb and biting on gauze is a trick in itself I tell ya!  And I answered all the questions listed above.  Then came, “Are you recovered yet?”

“Almost, I did a fast 20 miles last night, and it was a bit harder than normal, but I am close.”

They just looked at each other and laughed!  “Oh just did a fast 20 miles he says!  And it made him just a bit tired he says!”

I forget that those who don’t know me don’t understand that anything less than 30 or so is just a fun ride.  I don’t even pack food unless it’s a 50 miler!  They just kinda looked at me like I was nuts.

Thinking about it all though, this ride didn’t affect NEAR as much as some others!

Last years STP, I needed a few days at the ocean to recover.



My left hand was toast from shifting the front gears, and it was weeks till all the numbness was gone and I could do the Spock “Live Long and Prosper” sign. (a personal post ride test I developed )

The Crater Lake Century was so tough, tired


I honestly considered waiting for the SAG van to come pick me up and take me down.  Never once, even on the 2 hour climb up Cayuse did this cross my mind!

The High Pass Challenge, my first climbing ride,

Holding the bronze medal after the High Pass Challenge!
Holding the bronze medal after the High Pass Challenge!

I wasn’t even sure I’d finish in the allotted time!   This was never even a thought in this ride.

I was sore, had a bit of numbness, and, as mentioned, have made lots of noises since I’ve been  done, but, even though surprising to some, I should be 100% (not counting the mouth) by this weekend!

I may not do a century, but will be time to get workout rides in, otherwise I WILL start getting tubby!

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