Santa Rosa Part1

Finally!  It has been what seems like a VERY long time since our last vacation in May.  We’ve been through long ugly days at work, VERY long bike rides for me, and a ton of training walk/runs for Michelle!  Friday, it was finally time to head for Santa Rosa for her half marathon. So that morning we headed for the airport…

This was the first time Michelle and I had scheduled a flight together since the infamous Plan C trip last year.  (Search Plan C for that series of posts.) At that time we got the airport to find all kinds of issues and problems with the flights due to storms and bad weather back east.

This time, since we were: 1) flying Alaska airlines and 2) sticking to the west coast, we had high hopes of not having any issues at all.

Well we hoped…

First off our flight was scheduled to head out at 12:30.  We got a text early on, though, saying it had been bumped to 1:30. However, since we were ready to go, and we both get antsy when its a trip, we decided to head out early anyway.

It’s a damn good thing we did.  I have flown out of Sea Tac airport many, MANY times.  Never once have I seen TSA lines like we saw Friday.  They had assigned a person at each checkpoint FAR down the concourse with signs that said “This is end of line!” I have no idea why so many people were trying to fly the same time we were, but they all were.

We got lucky, though.  We were sent to the line that had the most lanes open.  And I will give TSA credit here, they had every stinking lane manned and were pushing people through as quickly as possible.  I was guessing it was going to be an hour to get through, and I’d be surprised if it took 20 minutes.

OK, through!  And we had time to spare!  More than we thought….

Yep our flight was further delayed to 1:50.  OK time for lunch, and then plenty of time to walk off some energy.  As we walked along, we started noticing, Not one, but ALL flights were delayed.  Turns out with the smoke from all of our fires has messed with ceiling and the line of sight for the landing planes.  Everyone was being delayed.

But, along about 2:30, we were finally loaded and heading south!  Cue the music, “California here I come….”

We landed at the Airport in Santa Rosa.  As is the norm, the first stop is always the restroom.  We went through the gate, and saw the lady’s room, so I watched our stuff.  Once out, I went across the room to the men’s room.  That’s when I noticed just how NOT big Charles M Schultz airport is.  (yep named after the artist who gave us Charlie Brown and Snoopy!)

Yep, cuz between the lady’s room and the men’s room was baggage claim.  Only one belt! Then kitty corner, in the same lobby, was the one ticketing agent.  It was tiny! But it did make it easy!  We grabbed our one bag and headed out to the cab stand!

Our plan was to grab a cab to the house we rented.  Our friends Kim and Mark were driving down from Oregon, so we didn’t need 2 cars!

We got to the cab station (across one cross walk) to find…. No cabs!

We waited a bit, and saw other passengers show up to wait with us, and still.. No cabs!

Undaunted, our hero busted out the smart phone and used the oracle of all knowledge that is Ta Google! Perfect!  Santa Rosa Cabs!  I dialed the first one “Hey can I get quick pick up at the airport?” I asked.  “I got no cars available!” Click!

I dialed another and got an answering machine….

The guy next to me was told there was nothing for an hour!

A lesser couple may have gotten mad, or just sat and hoped a cab would mystically appear. The Valente’s are NOT that kinda couple! We looked at each other and said, at about the same time, “RENTAL CAR!” 10 minutes later, with the iPhone goddess Siri giving directions, we and a fine Ford Focus were heading to the rental house!

I won’t go into detail about the place now, but I will steal a picture from Kim’s Instagram account to show it


After they got here, the evening was spent sipping wine, catching up, telling stories and just relaxing.A great way to end a busy day!

Today, a quick run to De Loach winery


To pick up their running numbers, jackets and free bottle of wine! Mission accomplished, rental car dropped off back at the airport and time for a low-key night.  Tomorrow morning and the half a thon will be here soon!

By the way, the wine there was just ok….


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  1. Wow…that’s quite an adventure — just the traveling part!
    But even a bigger WOW…look at that amazing rental house! Oh la la! 🙂

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