Santa Rosa Part II

Last October, while Michelle and Kim we getting ready for the Portland Half Marathon, the Santa Rosa trip had its genesis.  In the hotel where the packet pick up was occurring, other runs were lobbying for people to sign up,

This run had it dialed in.  They gave them each a shirt, a jacket, AND a free bottle of wine!  The ladies signed up and we started making plans for the trip! Yesterday morning was the big event, the day of the run!

Michelle and Kim were rarin to go!  The day dawned cloudy and cool, a perfect morning for a run.  NO one wants to have the blazing sun hit them during 13 hard miles!


Mark and I got them to the correct spot, and took on our sherpa duties of carrying extra layers, after run jackets, and assorted items. (I’ve been training for months myself to make sure I could 1) carry the stuff and 2) NOT lose anything! (Happy to report I was successful!)

The time finally came and the ladies were off!



Well, after the excitement of seeing them off, Mark and I had time to kill and we needed coffee!  (I was also hungry!) (Yes, yes I know, it is all about me!) We pinged the oracle of all knowledge, SIRI, to send us to the nearest Starbucks.  A mile later, she announced, “Arriving at your destination!”  Only to find us in the middle of nowhere! Stupid SIRI!

Well, hell, the pioneers in covered wagons didn’t have no stinkin smart phones!  Mark led the way by his internal compass and coffee instinct to here!


(ok maybe he noticed the sign as we passed it…)

The people there were great!  We told them about our wives running, and he welcomed us to hang as long as we wanted.  The coffee and breakfast burrito were great!  These seats were also right along the route of the 5 K run, so it allowed mark to get some last minute cheer practice in (Another required skill of the support team!)


It was fun, there were a ton of kids doing the 5 K, and every time we clapped they ran faster, smiled and one gave us the thumbs up!  (Well all except the little girl we made cry!) We hung out until we saw the ladies had made the turn around point, and started to mosey back to the finish line


Mark and I have different apps on our phones and were doing our best to keep track of them, but with all the people and apps and phones going at the same time, our success was spotty at best.


Suddenly, I looked down and saw it had updated and were almost with us!

Sure enough, as I stood on a wall watching they rounded the corner! “There they are!”


Yep, to hot and gorgeous red heads, over 13 miles in and still smiling! I like to think it’s because they were in great shape and feeling good.  But it could have been spotting this!


Either way, they motored their way across and were done!


Then came the most important part of Sherpa work!  The taking care of them afterwards!

Mark and I got them to the car and back to the house to start the recovery

imageimageAfter a shower, a Starbucks, and lunch, it was time to get back to the pool to simply relax!

image image

Mark mad a great pasta dinner, I did dishes and the ladies were served wine as was fitting!

Those two rocked it!  The came in with a personal best for the both of them AND were in much post race condition than the Portland run! I am proud of them both, but most of all proud of Michelle for kicking some serious ass!


Now, the rest of the week is time to relax!


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