Santa Rosa Part III

Monday dawned with the morning coming to life and the 4 of us snoozing away!  Day three of vacation and no one had to be anywhere at all at any given time! Packet pickup, done! Halfmarathon, DONE!!  Let the relaxation begin!

One of the great things about the place we have rented is that it is in walking distance of many places.  One of these is Starbucks! Round trip is less than 1.5 miles and the perfect way to get the blood moving on a cool, cloudy overcast (so in other words perfect) morning!  I headed out to get Michelle’s ice tea and let her take her time to get out of bed.

The plan for the day was a bit of a road trip.  We were heading for Yountville to try out the Bouchon Bakery.  Now this meant nothing to me, as I enjoy any bakery that has good chocolate chip cookies! But this is a Thomas Keller establishment, which to the foodies in my group (Michelle, Kim and Mark) it is a big deal!

So, after a leisurely sit around, we were off!

Siri was leading us down Hwy 12, through a number of vineyards, when she said “Turn Left on Trinity!” This was one helluva twisting, turning winding road! And its funny, of the 4 people in the car, there were 3 different thoughts going through our heads.

Kim and Michelle were both thinking this would be one helluva run in her Porches Boxster.  Top down, hair streaming, and music blaring.

Mark said right out of the gate. “This is a GREAT Harley road” Cruising to the top without a care in the world!

Me?  I saw a challenge!!  LONG climb, few cars, and one helluva downhill plunge on the other side!  Turns out this road is #12 on the top climbs for local cyclists!

  • Distance:                          2.9 miles
  • Beginning elevation:      339′
  • Ending elevation:             1,694′
  • Elevation gained:              1,325′
  • Average Grade:                  8.8%

Guess where’d I’d be riding this week if I had my own bike!

We made it to Yountville, and the bakery and YEP, I had my cookie!  All of us gave it top marks and Michelle has some macaroons stashed for later!

After dessert first, it was lunch time! As we walked through town, I had to stop and admire the art.

Three dancing lambs…


A harvest basket


A corkscrew (I wonder where the big bottle is?)


But best of all!  Something I have never seen before!


I gotta admit, this looks like fun to try.  It needs a little WD-40, maybe some spit and polish, but I might be able to take mom on a ride!

Lunch was at place called the Redwood.

Our server was Charlie.  I will admit, when he first walked up he looked stuffy and boring, but the man was hilarious! When he walked away to get water, Mark let him know he almost had me go tackle him as we were hungry.

His reply, “You will find I have a VERY low center of gravity, I do NOT tackle easy!  I am much like one of those punching clowns.  I tip but do NOT fall!”

Later he told us a story of a trip to Italy with his wife. She neglected to tell him it was more of a Catholic pilgrimage than a vacation!  He was also served wine at all the places they ate in a juice glass, while his wife was given ornate stemware.  He was feeling slighted.  That is until a server, in broken English, informed him that, “Only a women would want a glass with a stem!  MEN drink from these!” Sure enough he looked around and all the guys had the same thing! (filing that away for my foreign travel knowledge)

Editors note: This story came about as he explained why we were using white wine glasses while he was serving us our Sangiovese.  Evidently, this red wine tastes best from a white wine glass.

Editors note 2: Nope, I had no stinking clue the glass in front of me WAS a white wine glass! But yes I do know what sangiovese is!

The food was excellent, it was one of the best burgers I have ever had! I also liked the way this wall was decorated


On the way back, we stopped at the second reason for the road trip.


Yep the original Williams-Sonoma store! Michelle and Kim are as much kitchen tool nerds as I am biking and hiking gear.  This is one of their favorite stores, so with it being so close, we had to stop.  With all the pictures and old things in the store, it was fun for all (even me)

Once home, we did a walk to Whole Foods, to pick up dinner for Mark and Kim’s anniversary (18 years!)  and spent the rest of the evening by the pool!

All in all a very relaxing day!

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