Santa Rosa Part IV

The week is damn near over, and in fact, this is the last night here. I am hanging out by the pool, behind by a blog post or 2 to keep y’all up to date on what’s happened, and you know, I am ok with that.  When I gets home, it supposed to rain, and will be the perfect time to catch up.

But, since the beer is still cold, and the night is still early, I decided I could get at least one done…

So, we left our intrepid band of misfits


we had just finished a great little road trip and some GOOD food eating!

That evening, I caught a ride to Performance Bicycles, and rented a trusty steed for a couple of days,


It’s a simple road bike, nothing special, and I will be riding with sandals instead of clipless shoes, BUT it is a ride!

Editors note: There was a slight delay in completing this post as I had to CRUSH our friends in Beaveroploy (Monopoly played on the Oregon State Campus board.  CRUSH! I say!)

When I got to the house, the crew had decided to head for Whole Foods to get snacks for the night.  I thought it would be a good idea to test the bike.  I pedaled hard, and surprised them by getting there before they did.  I locked the bike (it was a combination lock with letters, the password was DIRT) and went shopping.

I came out, dialed dirt and… nuthin…  The lock flat would NOT open!!  Worse I didn’t have my phone!!  Luckily I caught the group before they left and we called the bike shop.  They sent over a big man with tiny tools!  But after half an hour, the lock was cut and I was on my way!   His hands were hurting from the effort, and I had to assure the courtesy clerk we were NOT thieves! No idea what happened to mess up the lock!

The next morning Michelle set us up with a driver and a Cadillac Escalade for a wine tasting trip to Napa!  Sadly, I never got a picture of Kurt, but turns out he was from Spokane and a Coug fan!  GO COUGS!

As we were heading out, he talked about different wineries.  One was set up so the only way to get there was a gondola.  Another he showed us was a flipping castle with a moat!


Yep this was a the winery’s tasting room!  In both cases he said “Cool set up, crappy wine!”

Our first stop was Silver Oak, a favorite of Michelle and Kim’s.


It was my first time there, so I wanted a small bottle (as shown above) to take with me! Turns out the lady taking care of us was also a runner, so she and the ladies chatted away as I sipped and smiled.  A good first stop!

The next was one I had never heard of, but is a favorite of our buddy Rob who was with us. Joseph-Phelps wines.


As you can see, the view from the tasting area is gorgeous.  And the inside was set up to make me just want to walk around and keep looking.


In this case we started with Stephanie, our greeter, and then she handed us off to Missy, our hostess.  Folks, this was some damn expensive wine, but it was the best tasting experience ever.  We were relaxed, pampered and happy.

While we were sitting there, enjoying ourselves, checking out the view, we were buzzed by multiple humming birds.


This is NOT cheap, and you need an appointment, but if you ever get a chance to do so, go there!

After a great lunch (gnocchi with meat sauce YUM!) We went to out last place. Vino Velo, the Clif Family winery


Yes, the same family that makes Clif Bars.  Turns out the head guy is an avid cyclist and this was one of his first bikes, Fred


All the wines have a wine theme, and there are bikes throughout the place.


Overall, I have to say the wines were mediocre at best.  But the place, to me, screamed to ride up, sit and sip a glass or two, and hang with the other riders.  Of all the places we have been, this was my favorite.

A quick ride home, and Kurt had us safe and sound at home.  The perfect wine country day!

Thanks Babe, that was fun!!

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