The bike and Armageddon!

Regular readers may have been wondering if I had fallen in a ditch while wine tasting, or been captured by little green men while in California.  I’d been sharing the events and adventures of our Santa Rosa trip (and I have at least 2 more posts to go on it) when all hell broke loose here at home….

The east coast, the gulf coast, and the south Pacific all get the storms with people’s names on them.  The most recent was Erika that kinda fizzled out before hitting.

Up here in the Northwest, our wind storms are named after dates on the calendar.  The most famous was the Columbus day storm (1962) which hammered both Oregon and Washington (and was later found to be as strong as a category 1 hurricane!)

Then there was the Inaugural Day storm of 1992 and the Hanukkah Eve storm of 2006, both of which blew over trees, knocked out power and essentially beat the crud out of the area.  In both of these last two, I was working for the Mighty P (an insurance company in the Northwest) so I was right in the front lines to see how hard it hit.

Now you may notice, that the three storms I mentioned were in the Fall (Columbus Day) or winter.  In fact, November, in my opinion, has the worst weather of ALL the months.  All hell Can, and will break loose in this month, be it wind, snow or both!


Now you might be thinking, “Uh, Tony, this is still summer, why are you talking about this?”

Well I am glad you asked!!

Saturday, around noon, all HELL broke loose!  Yep, I’ve been calling it #Novemberstorminaugust!  (OK not as cool as some of the others, but still….)

Yep, from out of nowhere, one of those windstorms we only get in the fall and winter slapped us upside the head in the middle of summer.

I shouldn’t be surprised as this was the year without a winter (we had as almost as much rain this month as we did in January) and the hottest summer ever. (The most 90+ and 80+ degree days in history.) But I was!

My neighborhood as weathered many a storm, but had never (except for a few blips of less than a minute) lost power.  We are now approaching 48 hours without power.  Of course, when you walk down the block and see this


One isn’t surprised.  You could be wondering, “Wow, how’s come no one has fixed it yet?”

It’s because stuff is down EVERYWHERE! Here is just one I took in my travels.


The guys from SNOPUD are out and about working through the night. I know we are on the list, so the key is patience.

Well. I don’t know about where yall are, but here, when the power goes out, traffic goes to hell.  All intersections become 4 way stops, but not everyone knows this, or if they do, they don’t care.  Either way, it gets backed up forever.

However, that is for cars!  Our hero has the option of two wheels, and a variety of bike paths! I get to bypass most all of the chokepoints.  A quick phone call, and I heard “This is Whole foods, we have power, may I help you!”

To the bike!!

Editors note: Michelle and I had planned to grocery shop Saturday afternoon since we got home Friday night, so there wasn’t a lot of food in the house.

It was still breezy when I left, which meant I had to be VERY careful when it hit me broadside.  I’ve had enough crashing lately.

Editors note: I did not escape unscathed this storm.  I succeeded in knocking myself flat on the ground by sawing a tree sized branch that was leaning on the neighbors fence. It was the classic “Seemed like a good idea at the time….”

I also had to dodge a downed tree or two, and slalom through debris.

image image image

But I made it there, and picked up a couple of dinner salads.  Unbeknownst to me, mine was KALE!!!  UGH!!  But this was stormageddon!  And right after I got back, this hit!


It was either eat it or starve so I choked it down! (UGH!)

Just like the old pioneers of the wagon train days, Michelle and I rationed  our power use, and read paper magazines and books to pass the time.  It forced us to relax, not rush, take naps and honestly enjoy our last couple days off.

Sunday, another trip to Whole Foods (this time I read the damn package!) along with a bag of ice and milk for the cooler.

It was also time to start cleaning up the yard!  There were branches down everywhere, and, somehow, we also ended up with this


Did any of yall lose a laundry basket?

I got most of the stuff out of the yard, and into these,


Leaving a little room for the food I will be tossing after work today.  At last check, the power was still out.  I have every piece of electronics from the house around me charging as I type!

Somethings that made stuff easier for us:

  1. My headlamp, makes it very easy to walk around in the dark
  2. My old Kindle that thing keeps a charge for weeks.
  3. Gas Stove means hot food is easy
  4. Gas Waterheater means hot showers, even in the dark
  5. Finally, Michelle.  Never whines, takes it in stride, and makes being in the pioneer days fun!

At last check, the power was still out, I guess it might be tomorrow….

Once its back, I will finish Santa Rosa!


12 thoughts on “The bike and Armageddon!

  1. That was a crazy storm that hit! There were *tons* of downed trees. A few large branches fell off the tree where I was housesitting. Fortunately, nothing was struck by the fallen branches, and the neighbors were great in helping to clean up the aftermath.

    I was really hoping the power would go out here. My computer, phone, and Kindle batteries would have eventually died, and I would have been forced to read a real book the old fashioned-way — by candlelight. I would have gladly traded places with you, friend. 🙂

    I’m glad that you and Michelle have a good attitude about everything. I hope your power is back home by the time you return from work this evening. 🙂

    1. Not looking promising, as of 15 minutes ago we are still dark. I have half the Scientific America, and a complete little free library outside if need be!!

      It was a cool storm though! Always have loved watching nature in action

      1. A cool storm indeed! That’s what I miss most about living in the midwest. (Well, storms, lightening, and fireflies.) 🙂

      2. Fireflies!!! Used to chase them in PA as a kidlet! and the best storm ever was the Badlands in South Dakota.

        I agree my only dislike up hear is the lack of cool thunderstorms

  2. This was one crazy storm! And I was completely unprepared… No food in the house and no gas in the cars. :(. At least we had ice, candles and batteries for the flashlights. We rounded up anything that could cook on the bbq, played cards and went to bed early. :). Hope your back in business by now!

  3. We used to have regular blackouts in our previous home, so we’ve got a backup wood stove (which we can heat water/ cook on as well), plenty of candles and torches and gas camping stove and a & my niece gave me a sun jar, which I always put out during the day. So prepared, loads of books, good company around – just great. Love storms as well.

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