Labor Day Weekend…

As we all know, completely contrary to what the calendar and the weather gods think, Summer officially ends with Labor Day Weekend.  Soon the leaves will change, the sun will go down earlier, and the Starbucks lines will be longer due to ladies in yoga pants ordering Pumpkin Spice Lattes!  (Luckily I order ahead and avoid all lines!)

Before all this, we are given one last chance for a three-day weekend!

Initially, Michelle and I had planned to go to Walla Walla this weekend.  However, last weekend she looked at me and said “Are you married to the idea of going?” I was going to ask her the same thing!  We had been gone a week In CA, and next week we go to BC.  It would be nice to stay home for a weekend.  Done!  But, we kept the extra day off we arranged for the trip.  4 day weekends are rare!

We decided Saturday was exercise day, Sunday was Funday, and Monday yard day! I should have known this would be a weekend to remember when early Saturday I was behind this guy


Yep that is a pickup carrying 2 goats!  Gotta love the northwest!

I decided to do the Lake Washington Loop, close to 60 miles, to give myself a good stretch of the legs.  Before going, though, a good breakfast was called for!


Diamond Knots breakfast burrito and Tots baby!  With bacon in with the eggs.  It was perfect, I didn’t get hungry once during the ride!

The day had started foggy, but soon cleared right up, and as always, the Lake is gorgeous! That is Bellevue in the distance.


However, I do have to say that was not looking so gorgeous that day!


Yep the worst case of helmet hair ever!!

There were a number of other riders on the route that day, including these guys.


I see parents hauling kids like this all the time. We are truly a Cycling town!

The ride was perfect, not to hot or cold, headwinds were not overly bad, and there was just a hint of autumn in the air.  I was about 4 miles from home when I rode into something I had never seen on a bike before… An entire wedding party!

YEP, the bride and bridesmaids were on the left of the trail, and the groom with his fellas were on the right!  Not sure if it was a rehearsal, or photos, or one or the other had tried to run away, but there they were! (I was so surprised I flat forgot to take a picture!  But I am telling you, I saw em!)

The day ended where it began, back at Diamond Not with our friends Sandy and Bob.  Bob and I talked bikes, and drank huge beers (They are part of the mug club!) I was not able to finish the second!  My COUGAR beer capacity has diminished!

Sunday fun day was a trip to Woodinville for some wine tasting!  We started with home away from home, Dusted Valley.


Since our buddy Zack was pouring, we were also able to try the new Grenache that is being released next week! (He is serving Grenachos Friday and we have to miss it!) Of all the wineries we go to, none make us feel at home as much as these folks do.  And DAMN they make good wine! Grenache came home with us!

Next was Chandlers Reach with Sky and Kristin working.


We had the place to ourselves, so we sat back, chatted and they also let us sip some extra wine they had “just lying around”.  Sky also let us in a secret that can not be mentioned here! (though it does have to do with OSU) It made our day!

Finally, we wanted to try somewhere new.  I had spotted a winery in my bike travels the day before called Besel


I liked it because it had a tandem bike in front of it!  Turns out the bike was part of a new restaurant called Tandem.  Michelle and I will be eating there soon and there will be pictures!  I will also declare the wine at Besel pretty damn good as well! The gnome liked it!

With a stop at Taco Time, we headed home to enjoy the Grenache!  A very fun day!

Monday was yard day! No pictures taken but I got the following done:

  1. Gutters cleaned
  2. Tree Trimmed
  3. Branches of power wires going to the house
  4. Storm debris cut up and stacked
  5. Fence repaired.

The last was the biggie! I do NOT do home repairs well.  And never does what I measure and cut end up working the first time!  You’ve heard of measure twice cut once? No lie, I measured 7 times!  It seemed to work, all went together as planned!

I even had time to clean and lube the bike!


I am sitting here now, damn tired….

Tomorrow morning, Junkzilla shows up to haul crap out of our yard!

It was a long weekend and fun, but I am glad I have one more day before work!  AND that there is a big bottle of ibuprofen in the cupboard!

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