Strange Day but Great Ending

Ladies and gents, I have a pet peeve. (Ok to be honest I am sure I have more than one!) But one of the thing that bugs me is when normal people (like me) get inconvenienced by high racking officials visiting the state.

This is NOT a political commentary.  I don’t care WHO the hell they are, Repub, Dem, president, candidate, or the flipping queen of England.  Anyone who show’s up here, and, in the name of security, shuts down major freeways, is on my sh*t list.  Today’s entry on the list was the President of China.  

He flew in to Everett, north of Seattle, and had to be driven to the Westin Hotel in downtown Seattle.


This called for the closure of I-5.  Seriously, why can’t they helicopter these people around and leave the rest of us alone!

DEEEEEEEppppp Breath!!

OK, sorry for the rant. Knowing he was about this week, I made my own arrangements.  Since I was working in Seattle today, and no secret service guy has ever closed down a bike path.  I decided to bike to work this morning.  Great idea, but damn, riding along the lake was cold!  Good thing I grabbed layers this morning!

My ride to work was easy, but soon, the freeway was deserted.  Yep, traffic was screwed while waiting for the motorcade to go by.  I didn’t get a chance to see him drive by (Damn meetings anyway!) but I decided to walk downtown at lunch to check things out.

The Westin is less than a mile from the office, and I walk there all the time. (Once I saw the filming of the movie The 6th Sense right in front of it.) However, clearly I was not going to get all the way to the hotel this time.


All access blocked.  And in case someone tried to go where he wasn’t allowed (I’d NEVER do that!) These guys were ready to pounce!


That was less than 10% of all the cops I saw downtown.  And if they needed back up


The State Patrol was ready to fire up the machines and come riding over the hill. I honestly don’t know if they were worried about people like me, or if it was folks like this.


Either way non of us was getting through! It was an interesting walk though. He is here 3 more days, but I will be in Lynnwood and should have no issues! Others though, are screwed!

I also needed to get home. Well Michelle read my last post Cycling-Zen and is a great wife! She knows I need longer rides to keep me happy.  So, she put her foot down!  “You WILL go for a longer ride after work!” “Yes dear…..” (Any wonder why I love her?)

I decided to do a quick 40.  (OK not so quick as I had the panniers with me, with the lapop and my work clothes, it was rush hour, and lots of hills, but it is a 40) I left work and crossed Lake Washington on the I-90 bridge

IMG_1718 IMG_1719

As you can see, it was a perfect afternoon for it! this takes me to Mercer Island and then on to the East side. On Mercer Island, just after filling a water bottle, I damn near got knocked off my bike by a labradoodle! (What?  It’s a cross between a lab and a poodle!  Look it up!)

Turns out this one gets “Freaked out by feathers” and was running away from one when he ran into the side of me (I had no way to avoid him!) luckily I didn’t fall and he was ok (Stupid, but OK!) His owner felt terrible and kept apologizing. I just shook my head and took off down the road.

Once I got to the East Side, I took the Mercer Slough trail to get to a better road through Bellevue.  I like this area, even though its surrounded by freeways, it feels much more rustic.

IMG_1720 IMG_1721

You know traffic has to be bad when I am passing cars as we traveled up hill! This happened in Kirkland. The guy in the BMW convertible didn’t see the humor when I asked “Hey, how often does a bike pass you??”  But when we have a wide open bike lane, these things happen!

I was starting to remember it had been a while since I rode longer distances in both the morning and evening.  I remembered when I got to Woodinville and my legs were getting tired! I was pondering my route home when I saw these!


OK, I like hot air balloons, even if I’ve never been on one.  I wanted to get some better pictures, so I took off to give chase!

Editors note:  All I hear in my head right now is Roscoe P Coltrane saying “I’m in HIGH speed per-SUIT!”

Well either I forgot the tired legs, or the balloons were slow ( I suspect the latter) but I was able to get these

IMG_1724 IMG_1725 IMG_1726 IMG_1727

Sadly, my camera informed me I was almost out of battery, so it was time to head for home! By then I was on the Burke Gilman-Samammish River trail and able to make some good time!

Good time, that is, till I had to dodge a guy coming at me too fast on a sedgeway! REALLY?  He’d better not be just lazy and needs to use this to get around!  Once again the cat like reflexes saved my butt!

I had enough juice for one more picture, so I had to get the moon reflected in the river


Too bad there were so many ripples.

People, it was one slow hard climb to the house, and by the time I got here it was dark.  However, Michelle had some avocado and salsa in the fridge.  I ate that while broiling the OMG good sausages she got at the store for me!  I was starving and that meal hit the spot!

42 miles, fresh air (except when I passed the honey bucket compony (PUNgent!) some good exercise and some serious Zen time.  All in all a good ride!  I need that!

6 thoughts on “Strange Day but Great Ending

  1. Yeah for a visit from a dignitary! You got some good miles in…on a weekday!

    Yes, I had also heard the warnings about the yucky traffic. I did my errands by bike yesterday, and so I expected the bikeways to be a bit more clogged up as well — you know, people riding instead of driving. But, they were as clear as can be. Yeah for biking!

    1. it was a great night for riding! And a serious chill in the air Fall is coming, it felt good! LOTSA people out riding and running on the trail last evening (the last leg of my loop) but everyone seemed to be smiling.

      waiting to see if I can spot the motorcade today as he has to drive right by my office!

      But you are correct, if people would try two wheels instead of 4, their lives on days like that would be SO much better!

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