Now is the time to spare that extra pint!

It has not been a great day here in Seattle ladies and gents. We finally got rid of the Chinese President, and there were hopes that the town could get back to normal. No more closed freeways, normal commutes would prevail and our police departments could stop with the massive overtime.  In short we could go back to the regularly scheduled programming.

Then all hell broke loose 

And this time I mean all hell!  Somewhere around 11AM, on the Aurora Bridge (SR 99) over the Ship canal

The aurora bridge from below
The aurora bridge from below

One of the worst accidents that could have happened, did.

Right in the middle of the bridge, a Ride the Duck Amphibious vehicle


somehow lost control, crossed the center line and tboned a tour bus coming the other direction. This picture is from NBC news


This is one of the 2 north south thoroughfares through Seattle, and as I write this 7 hours after it happened, the bridge is still not clear, and there is no telling when it will be.  Seattle traffic is gridlocked, and has been since it happened.

Traffic, though, is the very least of the issues.

The bus was hit by a vehicle, traveling at over 35 mph, that was designed and built to storm the beaches in WWII.  (NO lie, the one we rode was built in 1944.) This is one heavy piece of steel, traveling pretty damn fast  The bus lost…

Worse, the riders in the bus lost even more so.  4 people died from the accident.  In addition 51 people were injured, and as many as 15 were in critical condition.  Every Emergency room in the city was tapped to take the victims.

And with this, came the reason for this post.  A call has gone out for blood donors!  Bloodmobiles have been mobilized and all blood centers are open.  I have no facts on how much they have used, but Bloodworks Northwest sent this out early on:

“With up to 40 people with injuries, we are responding quickly to additional orders for blood components from multiple hospitals receiving people injured in the crash,” said James P. AuBuchon, MD, president and chief executive officer. “We need to meet this emergency demand and also to replenish supplies so that we can continue to meet normal patient needs.”

“To avoid a crisis for the local blood supply we’re asking donors who have not donated recently to schedule an appointment as soon as they can at one of our twelve centers, or to find a mobile drive in their community close to where they live or work,” AuBuchon said. “There is a special need for O-positive and O-negative blood types.”

Now I have been a donor since college


I explained how and why I got started in Next Time it will be 7 Gallons.

As I was riding the bike home tonight, my mom texted to tell me the call had gone out for donors to come a runnin! As luck would have it though, the Mighty P had brought the blood mobile to the office just yesterday!  And, I am not proud of this, it was only the second time I was able to give this year.  But, the important part is, a pint of my bike riding, coffee drinking, cookie eating A+ is already there and ready!

This is the closest I have ever been to knowing my blood was going to be used.  This was my 58th pint donated.  Over 7 gallons.  But normally I donate and forget about it.  Now, it is even possible I have already helped save a life! Even if it wasn’t used today, I know it will be there to help replace what was used.  It warms my cold and callous heart to know I am helping !

Editors note:  Blood donating runs in the family, my mom reminded of a time my Uncle was in Germany (He was in the Navy) and had drunk 2 beers or so.  Well my uncle has a very rare blood type, and they needed some NOW for someone who had been in an accident.  Normally they won’t take blood from someone who’d been drinking, but my uncle went in immediately and they drained him, beer and all!

OK, you know its coming! If you are already a blood donor, and I know a lot of you are, then high 5s all around.  Y’all know the good we do every time we lay back for 10 minutes and give a pint!

Many MANY people aren’t allowed to donate.  If you’ve lived in Europe, or are under a certain weight, have been exposed to someone with hepatitis, or had a tattoo recently or….

Michelle is banned for the medications she is forced to take for her auto-immune issues, but she was able to donate for research!


But those of my readers who never have, but have thought about it. Nows the time!  I am not asking you to fly to Seattle and give, just do so in your own homestead.  The accident was in Seattle today, but it could be in your town tomorrow.  All I ask is try it once.  A single pint of blood can help up to 3 different people.

Everyone has that donor friend who’s been trying to get you to do so.  Have them hold your hand while you do it.  If you hate it, or it doesn’t set well with you (My blogger buddy Meagan tried after my first donation post, and it did not go well, but I was damn proud of her for trying!) then you don’t have to do it again.

But if you like it, and realize that you get to kick back and relax for 15 minutes of uninterrupted rest ALL while doing a good deed, you may come back again and again like I do!

OH and you get cookies!!

So give it a thought, and let me know if you are a donor, or if you end up doing so the first time!  OH and please send your best thoughts to those involved in the accident.  It was a BAD one.

Like the wind folks!

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  1. The sky was filled with medivacs this afternoon. I said a little prayer for each one that flew overhead. Today’s events are a good reminder how quickly life can change. Live every day to its fullest. And, like you said, DONATE! 🙂

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