Well its about time!

Well y’all, its confession time. I can ride like the wind (well a summer breeze maybe). I can crank out 100 miles a day easy, and 200 in a pinch. I can survive rainy weather, windy days and crazed  spandexed matching pelatons.

However, one thing I can’t do is service my own bike.  Oh I can change a tire, and clean/lube a chain.  But anything more than that, and I likely to do more harm than good. (NOT that it’s stopped me from trying!)

Wednesday night, I took the first step toward fixing this short coming… Continue reading “Well its about time!”

Life is too short for…

Yesterday, the huge buzz on the interwebs was that Lunch meat and (gasp) bacon, could cause cancer.  My one vegan friend (love her, even though I will never understand how someone can give up eggs, cheese and, well, bacon!) asked on Facebook “Why would anyone eat anything that causes cancer?”  My reply of course was, “Cuz its YUMMY!”

Soon, someone after that replied to me with the following:

“Life is too short to take unnecessary risks.”

And a blog post was born…. Continue reading “Life is too short for…”

An interesting week in the saddle

Folks, I have noticed there has been a distinct lack of bloggage as late.  Part of this is  that I have to feel a post in me for me to type it, and lately there’s been nuthin. Plus, in all honesty, there really just hasn’t been much going on.  However, looking back over the last week, I’ve actually succeeded in getting in some decent miles, and I had the inklings of a post percolating, so lets see what I get… Continue reading “An interesting week in the saddle”

A stretch for us!

Well, as anyone who follows my blog and Facebook posts know, the last few weekends have been HELLA busy!  Two weekends ago we were in Portland for Michelle’s half marathon


Last weekend, we had Abby, our beautiful niece, up visiting for the first time.


So this weekend, after we dropped the Manchild off for a video game event, I asked Michelle to go out with me to Woodinville for some alone time. Continue reading “A stretch for us!”

Shifting to fall riding mode

For all of you Game of Thrones fans out there, this will ring true: Winter is coming! However, before we have to worry about that, we first have to go through Autumn.

There are sure signs that we are in the middle of the Fall season.  Pumpkin Spice lattes are all the rage at coffee stands.  (We won’t discuss those EVIL ones that are already advertising egg nog!) (By the way I hates pumpkin anything)  The Walking Dead new season has started, FINALLY!  (Damn the premiere was good!) And, much to the relief of this bike riding cowboy, the sweltering heat of the last summer is over!

However, with the change in seasons, comes a change in riding…. Continue reading “Shifting to fall riding mode”

Them’s that are the Hardest are the one’s you remember the Mostest!

I saw a post today from a lady in Sacramento who finished a Century ride on Saturday.  Now with this Facebook page, that is a common occurrence, it has about 3000 + riders who love to share pictures, encouragement and achievements.  We cyclists are just darn nice people!

What made this stand out was she had issues with leg cramps at 85 miles, and wasn’t sure she’d finish.  But she dug deep, overcame the pain, and cross the finish line! (Cue crowd roar!)

In reading her post, it triggered memories of quite a few of my rides over the last few years.  All of the ones that came to mind we ones where I struggled hard and, yep, even though about giving up… Continue reading “Them’s that are the Hardest are the one’s you remember the Mostest!”

I’m a cyclist

If you ask anyone I know, they will probably tell you I am not too complexed. I am known for saying what is on my mind (though at times it is NOT the appropriate time) I laugh at almost anything, and I go with the flow. What you see is what you get…

However, at times, I am like a duck on a pond.  What you can see is calmly floating along, but underneath that ole mallard is kicking for all its worth. Sometimes that’s me. Outwardly I am the goofball who walks around the office with a yoyo, but inside the head is just a pondering away. Continue reading “I’m a cyclist”