Racking Up the Miles: September 2015

Wow, I know every year we say this, but DAMN the year has gone by fast.  Suddenly, the way too hot days of summer are over, and the longer rides start become races against the setting sun.


September was a fun month

With all the big rides over, the Fall is when my miles, in the past, have started to dwindle. Without have a the big ride as a motivator, its easy to sit and read instead of ride.  Now, with the commute being much shorter, I have to work even  harder at making sure I get the miles I need to keep from getting even chubbier.

Michelle has been  helping me out on just that!  At least once a week she pushes  me to take a longer ride after work.  Granted, it’s only 30 – 45 miles (depending on the night) and not the most exciting route, but for exercise it can’t be beat, and it keeps me in a much better mood!

Two nights ago, it almost didn’t happen though.  I went down to change at the end of the day, and went to zip up the jersey and it just fell apart.  The zipper pull and the dohickey at the bottom that holds the zipper together clattered to the floor!

Now why can’t this happen at home where I have plenty of spare jerseys?  No, it had to happen at work.  OK, I had two choices.  Either I rode in my polo shirt (and the other cyclist would think I was a poser (NOT that I’ve ever cared what others thought!)) or I busted out my MacGyver skills.  Those that know me KNOW what I chose!


Yep a well placed paper clip AND a couple of staples and I was good to go! The last ride of the month was a 35 miler, and a good stretch of the legs.

This was also a month to get the bike worked on.  Over the last few months I have had a “clunk” come and go when I pushed on the right pedal.  It was most prominent when I had the panniers on.  Finally, it got annoying enough to take it in.

I got a call from Performance Bikes that afternoon (damn its nice to have them within walking distance of the office.) He told me the bottom bracket was about to go.  It didn’t need to be replaced today, I MIGHT get another 100 miles out of it….  Then he kinda chuckled and said “So I’ll be taking care of it today and it will be ready by closing!”

Damn I had forgotten how nice a QUIET bike ride is. And I find myself pedaling harder now that the noise is gone

Overall, the month was great.  Going to Vancouver for the Foo Fighters concert early on


Introduced me both to a great band and showed me how bike friendly that part of Canada is,  They have more bike lanes than Seattle!

The weather stayed dry for the most part, the sun shone almost all month

IMG_1725 IMG_1720 IMG_1719

All this combined for me to achieve 3 things:

The first was the worst case of helmet hair EVER!


The Second I hit 3000 miles for the year.  Since there have been a few years that I have had half that for the entire  year, I was excited to hit that milestone!  There is an outside chance I could hit 4000 this year, which would be a record!

Finally, for the month, and I owe this all to Michelle getting me out and off my lazy butt, I cranked out 301 miles!  Not bad at all!

Let’s see what October does for us!



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