A stretch for us!

Well, as anyone who follows my blog and Facebook posts know, the last few weekends have been HELLA busy!  Two weekends ago we were in Portland for Michelle’s half marathon


Last weekend, we had Abby, our beautiful niece, up visiting for the first time.


So this weekend, after we dropped the Manchild off for a video game event, I asked Michelle to go out with me to Woodinville for some alone time.

Both Michelle and I very much enjoy wine. And for those who do NOT know, Woodinville is the wine capital of western Washington.  It’s one of out favorite places to go for a date!

After dropping off the Manchild (who by the way, can talk NONSTOP for hour without taking a breath) we headed out to Woodinville, and our first stop was Chandler’s Reach.  We love this place as everyone who works there is very nice, the wine is DAMN good, and inexpensive.


As we were sitting there chatting with Kirsten the server, some ladies in the back moved from the topic of autoimmune diseases to pancakes.  (I have NO idea how this occurred, but with a little wine, some people do get a bit loud AND scatter brained.)

Well one, while talking about pancakes said:  “All I know is, the only syrup she likes aunt Jemiah, or whatever her name is!”

Well Michelle automatically put a hand on my shoulder.  She knew I was about to pivot to say 2 things:

  1. Lady it is Aunt Jemima!  Come on get a clue!
  2. The best syrup EVER, is Golden Griddle!! (I am quite passionate about my syrup)

But, since Michelle stopped me, I just sipped my wine and tried to ignore them,  NOT easy!

Next was Dusted Valley, there we met Jamie and Nick and their 3 month old daughter.  Sorry I didn’t get a picture, but that was one cute baby!

As we tasted we chatted with them, we talked wine, kids and work. It turns out both she and the two of us are long-term insurance people.  She was very sweet and fun to talk to. Michelle traded info with her, and we will be watching for job openings for her!  This was a major fluke, as we never talk to people.  But who can resist a smiling happy 3 month old…. We were happy to meet them.

However, this was NOT the stretch I am talking about.

After Dusted Valley, we were hungry.  Recently, this place opened up close to the wineries.

imageYep, as it sounds, it was named after bikes made for two.  There are quite a few at the place

image image image

As it turns out, it is a popular place.  The inside was booked, but we had the option of sitting outside at a table or near the fire.  We started at the fire pit, but sure as hell, it started to rain. I looked over, and there happened to be one umbrella table left outside, so we claimed it.

Gotta love this place, as they have blankets at each table.  It is mid October, and around here it gets cool at night.  They are doing there damnedest to maximize their deck seating. We found it to be quite comfy,

However, soon after we sat, I looked over and saw they were seating a guy at a non covered table, but with an umbrella for both he and his dining companion.  I am not sure how one would eat with one hand while holding the umbrella with the other, but props to him for trying!  Suddenly, and  I honestly have NO idea how this happened, but after making brief eye contact with him, both Pat and Cindy

image image

Were suddenly at out table under the umbrella.

And this boys and girls is the stretch I am talking about.  if you woulda asked me earlier today, I would have bet BIG money against us having dinner with people we don’t know.  Shoot, we rarely eat with people we DO know!

Then, 30 seconds later, the server came back and asked, “Could we use these last 2 chairs, its raining harder.  Sure as hell, Robin and her friend


were soon seated at our table!

Honestly though, it wasn’t too bad!  Everyone was nice, chatty, and we had a good time!  In fact, Pat, the guitarist, refilled my wine glass with some Matthews Red, when I ran out! Anyone who shares good wine is ok in my book!

The dinner was great! Michelle had seafood risotto, and I had mushroom linguine. With the laughing, good wine, and fun people, it was just plain fun!  I highly recommend the place.

However, next time I will make reservations!  I still prefer a private table with just Michelle and I!


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  1. Hella busy weekends followed by a hella busy date! Hope you and Michelle were truly able to enjoy some “alone time” a little later in the evening. 😉

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