An interesting week in the saddle

Folks, I have noticed there has been a distinct lack of bloggage as late.  Part of this is  that I have to feel a post in me for me to type it, and lately there’s been nuthin. Plus, in all honesty, there really just hasn’t been much going on.  However, looking back over the last week, I’ve actually succeeded in getting in some decent miles, and I had the inklings of a post percolating, so lets see what I get…

Once again, Michelle has been making sure I get out at least once during the week for a longer ride after work.  This is the last week of daylight savings, and soon, at least up here, it will start getting dark at 4:30.

Editors note: As much as I like the extra hour of sleep when we “fall back” I’d much prefer just staying with daylight savings year round so it will stay light as much as possible in the afternoon.  Hell I already ride in the dark to get to work so why not?

Tuesday we decided was the perfect day for the ride.  As usual, with dark hitting at 6, I stuck to a fast 30 mile route.  I headed south on the Interurban trail, then back home along the Burke Gilman.  It’s not exciting, but it beats the hell out of riding in the shed.

The trip south was relative uneventful, but I will say some of the worst drivers were out.  I saw blown stop signs, sudden u-turns, cutting people off and an almost head on collision.  None of them involved me, so there was no damper to the bike smile (as seen here )


I just pedaled along my merry way.  Later I got mad, but I am getting ahead of myself

In Fremont, I was riding to the entrance I like to use for the trail, when I heard some serious hedge trimming going on.  Sure enough, parks and rec were building our own Jurassic Park

image image For those of you that had little kids like I did, we have a daddy and baby Long Neck here (See Land Before Time).  Yep, I know I am a total science geek, so I had to stop and thank them for a great job.  They seemed to think it was strange for a 50-year-old to thank them for a dinosaur hedge, but hey, everyone likes to be thanked!

Soon there after I got mad.

This part of the trail is very busy, bikes, walkers, joggers baby strollers.  You just don’t go fast.  So there I was, riding behind a lady pushing a baby jogger, waiting for a chance to pass, when a Douche Waffle comes from the other direction.

What is a Douche Waffle you ask?  Well its a rider going WAY to fast on a busy trail, who pulls out to pass a slower rider, and forces the mom and kid off the trail!  I yelled, “SLOW DOWN!” as he passed,  and made sure she was ok.  He never slowed or stopped.  Dumb ass!

After making sure she was OK, I continued on my way, but I had to stop for these shots.  Even though I pass this spot all the time, it just seems like I am drawn to take pictures and share.  Its one of the many reasons why I love it here.

image image

It’s the Aurora bridge and the UW crew on Lake Union.  Almost made up for the jerk I just talked about.

As I neared home, I realized how much Gatorade I had downed, and knew I wasn’t going to make it all the way home!  All good riders have scoped out the restrooms on their normal rides, and I cut a quick right to a park off the trail.  Damn glad I did, cuz look at this sky and water! (Best bathroom stop ever!) (there is no filter or enhancement of this shot)


That was a quick 33 miles, and great after noon.

Two days later (Thursday) , I was working in Seattle and decided to ride both ways.  I really love the longer ride before and after work, though I had forgotten how much traffic there was in town, but soon I was on the Burke Gilman again, no cars, and few bikes, so I was a happy man!

This night, there was more to do than just bike home.  My 82-year-old Mom in Law lives in an assisted living facility nearby. The one thing she has to do on herself is her own laundry in the laundry room down the hall.  Now she could pay extra to have them do it for her, but she is a bit, shall we say, stubborn, and won’t do that.

Michelle offered that we could pick up the laundry Thursday’s and deliver it clean on Saturday.  So that makes me “LAUNDRY BOY!!” Michelle told her I was biking over.  Its only 8 miles from the house to her front door. Commuting home from Seattle it was less than that and it’s just off the trail.  In fact, with traffic, it is MUCH easier for my to get it via bike.  Michelle reassured her that riding is what I do, and I wasn’t “Too tired” after work to do so.

Along the way, I did notice a new addition to the trail


Yep a ghost cycle.  Sadly, last month a 70-year-old tri athlete on a training run blew a stop sign right in front of a cement truck…

You hate to see this, but I did notice the other riders were slowing and stopping as they approached it.  This should mean fewer accidents! Soon after this the laundry was in hand and delivered to Michelle.  (I am NOT washing my mom in laws Unmentionables!)

Finally, before the rain hit today, I did a quick 20 miles to stretch the legs.  In doing so, I reached a milestone number


21000 miles Since January of 2008!  Not bad for an old dude!

In addition, I also stumbled on a Halloween group ride.  There was a Martian (from the recent movie) I asked if he was going to Science the Shit out of things, but I got no response, I don’t think he saw it…

There was also a mortician (on a trike) Zombie chick, Ronald McDonald, Hellboy and Evil Keneval.  I got a few high fives as I had pulled over to let them pass.  They seemed to be having fun.

After turning around and hurrying home, I caught up to a herd of flying monkeys on bikes


There were five of them, and I finally had to ask “Are y’all doing this for fun, or is there some event at the end?” To which the lady monkey replied, “It gives us a chance to dress up, ride the bike, and drink.”  OK I guess that is 3 very good reasons!

So all in all, I had a rare Autumn week with well over 100 miles under my belt.  Looking back, I am not sure any one of these rides would’ve garnered a post.  But the 3 combined, especially with flying monkeys, made one happen!

Like the wind!

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  1. What a fun recap of the week. 🙂

    I’m glad the dinosaurs were given a trimming — they were looking a bit nondescript the last time I saw them. 🙂

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