Life is too short for…

Yesterday, the huge buzz on the interwebs was that Lunch meat and (gasp) bacon, could cause cancer.  My one vegan friend (love her, even though I will never understand how someone can give up eggs, cheese and, well, bacon!) asked on Facebook “Why would anyone eat anything that causes cancer?”  My reply of course was, “Cuz its YUMMY!”

Soon, someone after that replied to me with the following:

“Life is too short to take unnecessary risks.”

And a blog post was born….

Folks, the first thing that went through my head was: In my opinion life is too short NOT to take unnecessary risks.

sky diving

Skydiver Stroh sticks the landing
Skydiver Stroh sticks the landing

Yep this is me on my skydiving adventure, and I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.  Was it a necessary risk? Nope, the only time you HAVE to jump out of a perfectly good plane is if its crashing.  This was totally unnecessary, and yet it was one of the most memorable days of my life! I am glad Dave could be there with me.

How bout this


Lava Dome Rock fall in the Crater Of St Helens
Lava Dome Rock fall in the Crater Of St Helens

I was  hanging out at the summit of Mt St.Helens.  This is a volcano that is actively erupting and has for decade.  The Lava dome keeps growing, and it could erupt in a much bigger event any time.  (I climbed it 5 times)

Hell, to be truthful, most of the people I know live in the shadow of a much bigger volcano


Yep 14,410 foot Mt Rainier is far from dead.  In fact, this photo is taken in the town of Orting that has monthly Lahar (Volcanic Mudslide) drills..  They will have 30 minutes to evacuate should the mountain go. But, the town continues to grow in population, as do towns even closer to the mountain. The people seem very happy though!

OK, maybe this


No roller coaster will ever be as much fun as rafting big white water.  Yep one could flip at any time, and the water is glacier cold, but, even though its been quite a while, I’d do it tomorrow if I had the chance.

Shoot, even decent hikes

Mt Pilchuck, trail Mt Pilchuck, trail Mt Pilchuck, trail

Require climbing on rocks, and risking a slip and fall.

I will even involve the kids, when it comes to a cool zip line


It’s important to raise them right, with a quest for adventure guiding their decisions.

Hell, on more days than not, where are you going to find me?  On the back of a bike, cycling along a road

img_1438 STP image

Cycling, Oregon Coast


Cars or no cars, busy road or trail, my preferred mode of travel is on two wheels.  YES, it means I could crash


But its a risk I am willing to take, as it happens VERY rarely!

But why?  Why would I do things like this?  Why, even somewhere as peaceful as the beach do I have to do something like this?


Some may think it’s for attention.  And I will admit, there is a little of that.  If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be a blogger and share my stories.

Some may think it’s because I am bored?  I would say this is untrue.  I can spend hours reading a good book or a Scientific America magazine, watching the Walking Dead on TV, or even sipping good wine


I don’t have to do the things I done, and will still do.

The thing is I WANT to.  Yes life is short, and when you are me, you are sure when it’s over you are destined to become worm food, and then eventually, our atoms will be reused and become parts of stars (how cool is that!).  Because of this, I want to experience life!  I want to push myself as hard and as far as I can. I want to see everything and have a story I can share.

I want to see things others can only imagine

tahoma ice blocks

At 11500 ft, the Ingraham Glaicier, this monter was huge and the guide was NOT happy I wanted a picture!
At 11500 ft, the Ingraham Glaicier, this monter was huge and the guide was NOT happy I wanted a picture!

I want to get the heart pumping, blood flowing, and face life with eyes wide open. I see a challenge and my first thought is, “Yeah I can do that!” Now that I am rapidly approaching the big 51, I hope that feeling is still with me when (and if ) I am ever 102!  The great grand kids will be racing me down the road on bikes and The wives of the Manchild and Mathmajor will be sitting there shaking their heads.  Hopefully their husbands will still understand why I do what I do!

Why might I live to 102, because doing the things you see in the photos, experiencing life, and taking said unnecessary risks keeps you young, keeps you healthy and makes you feel alive!

Rest assured (especially since Mom reads this!) I am not stupid.  I take precautions.  When I climbed mountains, I learned to use an Ice Axe to keep from falling off a mountain.

Faceplanting for climbing school!
Faceplanting for climbing school!

When I rode a motorcycle for the first time


Dave was there to rescue my ass every time I crashed. ( I did, lots.)

Rafting and skydiving, I had experts with me the whole time. There is no death wish here!

But I’ll be damned if give up the occasional bacon cheese burger, or ham and cheese sandwich because some Canadian White rats developed cancer.  Nor will start turning down adventures. Life is WAY to short not to enjoy yourself as it goes along. If my entire life ever flashes before me, I will be asking for popcorn, cuz it will be one helluva show! (OR, maybe I can enjoy a last bacon cheeseburger!!!)

Take chances people, it is SO much more fun!


9 thoughts on “Life is too short for…

  1. And how can you assess risk if you try to avoid it? 67 and still cycling, white water canoeing, ski mountaineering etc, etc. As we say here “You’re a Lang Time Deid”,

  2. Were the rats really Canadian, I am thinking they were imported :)) I would agree that life is too short to worry about all of this. I wish I could be more adventurous, as time goes by hopefully I will get there. Great post :))

    1. Since I was a kid, stories about cancer always referenced “Studies in Canada using white rats” I started thinking Canadian white rats were BORN with it.

      And I was thinking about you some when I wrote this. You are more and more adventurous. Clothing choices, pictures you share, fun you are having.

      Adventurous does NOT just mean mountains and rivers. Its getting out and having fun. you are doing just that!

      1. Great post! Not too many typos, I mean (smile). Oh, yeah, the content is great, too! I get a big kick out of your adventures, while I stay safely indoors reading your blog. Thank you for your spirit of adventure! Stay alert out there on the bike trail!

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