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Friends in Low Places

I am not a big country and western fan, but there are a few I will bust into ‘harmony’ (or lack there of) with when they come on the radio, or Pandora or someone’s play list.  One it Garth Brooks’ Friends … Continue reading

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There was once a song!

My kid brother reminded me of a song, from the 70s I believe, that has this chorus: You don’t tug on Superman’s cape You don’t spit in the wind You don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and And here … Continue reading

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Well the day has come, I am sitting at home, waiting for the tow truck to come and haul away the green station wagon.  As I sit, looking outside on frosty world, sipping some hot tea, random thoughts are flowing … Continue reading

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This is a whole different year

Last year I joked from November through March that we were having “The Year Without a Winter.”  It was a season where the rains never came, and the snow never flew in the Cascades. It was great for our hero … Continue reading

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I can do it!

As with most people, I am part of Facebook.  Unlike some, I like it a lot.  It keeps me up to date on what is going on, lets me tell stories. vent, poke the bears and, sometimes the best part, … Continue reading

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Its the doing that matters.

Every other Sunday or so, in addition to watching a new episode of The Walking Dead on AMC, I also get to take the Manchild home from his weekend with us. Over the years, certain traditions have developed.  He get’s … Continue reading

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It always got me home

Well folks, there are times when people say “it’s the end of an era”. It’s usually when some long-term sports dude retires, or a long running TV show goes off the air.  Or even a favorite restaurant closes down. Now … Continue reading

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Racking up the Miles: Oct 2015

Thinking back to last year at this time, I remember stressing some about the miles I was getting.  To clarify a bit, I am not one of those who sets a goal for a year of a number of miles … Continue reading

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