I can do it!

As with most people, I am part of Facebook.  Unlike some, I like it a lot.  It keeps me up to date on what is going on, lets me tell stories. vent, poke the bears and, sometimes the best part, hide or delete those that annoy me the most.

Sometimes, though, you get pure gold! A post or picture that resonates.  This happened yesterday when I saw this


Oh, I know, something that resonates with one person is a distinct WTF for someone else. But for me, I heard thunder in the background as I read it!

Why?  Because, when it comes life, I like to think that more often than not this is me!

Editors Note: One caveat, home repairs.  NOT my strong point!!  I will do my best but I know when to call it quits! 

At the end of the year, and beginning of a new, I start looking for next year’s challenges. When it comes to rides or routes, there is nothing I am afraid to sign up for.  I have conquered the RAMROD, High Pass Challenge, Crater Lake Rim and One Day Seattle to Portland.  I have ridden to the top of mountain passes, and across entire states.  I know whatever weather, hill or bad roads I find, my ass will get to the other side, and I will enjoy it!

It isn’t cockiness (well not completely) but it IS confidence, attitude and experience. I know what I am doing, and I love it.  The combination is unstoppable.

But it’s not just riding. it’s life in general.

I can’t tell you haw many times I have taken on a project (Most often I am drafted but there are times I volunteer).  I look at the plan, the needed result, and have  told the powers-that-be, “OK it will be done!”

I have been asked by co-workers. “How are you going to do that?” Many’s the time the reply at the time is “Not a stinkin clue, but I know I will figure it out!!” and I always do.  I may ask for advice or necessary help. In the end, though, I know it will be on time, and will work!

Editor’s note: The downside is once you show yourself as a miracle worker, people expect it!  So far, I have NOT let them down. It is not always by the book, but it is always successful.

At home, Michelle and I have a saying, “We will figure it out!” My car died, Mom is in a recovery nursing home and work is a bitch! It has been a hard HARD few weeks. But, we GOT this!  Yep, we can get down, or even cranky.  But never do we give up. We support each other, and make sure the other knows we are not alone! There aint nuthin we can’t do together!

We need to move mom’s stuff into storage.  Get me a 5×10 spot and I can guarantee it will all fit.  It will be a bit tight, but it is much cheaper than something bigger.  Again, confidence, and it needs to get done!

She is the biggest supported of my adventures and I of her’s. WE know the other can anything the mind is put to. We are honestly amazing people, I say that not to boast but because I know it to me true!

I have a Mantra or List positives for myself they include:

I am one of the men of STROHS, the Fire Brewed ones. Together, there is nothing that we cannot pull off.

I am a mountain climber and a river rafter, a sky diver, a bungie jumper, a hiker and a biker. I have been in thunderstorms on a glacier, lead people down Mt. Rainier in a white out and ridden 206 miles in one day!

I can now add

I am the Storm!!

Like the wind yall!

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