This is a whole different year

Last year I joked from November through March that we were having “The Year Without a Winter.”  It was a season where the rains never came, and the snow never flew in the Cascades.


It was great for our hero and his cycling, I was able to ride all the time and not get drenched.  This year, at least so far, is shaping up to be different! 

I shoulda known we were in for it this year after our big storm in August.


We don’t ever have a major windstorm in the summer.  By ever, I mean this was the biggest summer storm ever.  Michelle and I were out of power for 60 hours!

November is our stormiest month.  I’ve seen blizzards, torrential rains,

imageimageand major windstorms, ALL in the same month. Last year was different.  We did have the one squall pictured above, but otherwise, November was a yawner in 2014.

This year, we are making up for it! As I sit in Starbucks with the Manchild, Michelle has a fire going up north.  We had 50 mph gusts come through today and we are once again in the dark!

That in itself would be exciting enough, but it is NOT the first storm we’ve had this week.  November has a bad habit of suckering us.  Earlier in month, looking out my office window I was able to feast my eyes on this

12132620_10206222370771931_5303603766638283840_oHave you ever heard the old saying Red Sky at night, Sailor’s delight, Red sky in morning, Sailors take warning? Well in Seattle, if you throw in Mt Rainier with the red sky, its a warning for an entire month.

Friday afternoon, when looking outside, this is what we saw


And it continued ALL day and all night Saturday! I kept looking for an old whites bearded gentleman building a huge boat on our block!

Of course a smart person woulda stayed inside when this happened.  We are Northwesterners!  I donned my quick dry shorts, gortex coat and sandals and braved the elements to get the errands done.  I will admit that I used the car and NOT the bike though.  I may be a northwesterner, but do I look stupid?


Don’t answer that!

Luckily, the rain ended Sunday morning, and I was able to get out on a quick 32 mile ride along the trail.


Lord knows I needed to have the stink blown off me, and I just needed to get a real ride in. I, like the hummingbirds in the back yard, have learned to pounce when the rain stops for even a little while!

image image

All summer long, I rode along this river and there were places it was so shallow I could have almost ridden my bike across.  However, after rain like that for 48 hours or so.  (Over 3 inches!) the River now looks like this.

IMG_1864 IMG_1865 IMG_1862 IMG_1861 IMG_1858

And that was BEFORE today’s major storm! Who knows how high it is now. I don’t think it’s reached the trail, yet, but the month is still young.

I decided not to ride today for two reasons.  1) It was Manchild dinner night, and 2) I have been on the trail for less windy & rainy  days and run into this

Mudslide Burke gilman, obstacles

Who knows WHAT I would’ve found today!

But, the storm has past, the wind has died, the rains have stopped and roads be dry (well maybe not, but it rhymed!) I will see what there is to see tomorrow!

I will keep an eye out though, November is only half over, who knows what else mother nature will throw to make up for last year!

13 thoughts on “This is a whole different year

  1. This is a whole different year, indeed! It reminds me of those crazy rains we had back in 2006 — the ones that did all that damage to the infrastructure at Mt. Rainier.

      1. No kidding! I’m sure there’s some wive’s tale about kissing at a special spot and then having that spot be washed away in a massive flood! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the photos of the trail at Bothell Landing, at least, I think that’s what it is? (Wish you would throw in some captions!) I particularly love the bridge and you have a great view of it here, but perhaps you were just using the bridge to prop up your bike, since your bike is your real focus!!

      1. I wish! The car will be a very hot (sarcasm) BYD hybrid box on wheels. But the interior IS nice. I’ll teach English for awhile–after.getting experience you can do some different things. The education market here is huge.

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