There was once a song!

My kid brother reminded me of a song, from the 70s I believe, that has this chorus:

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
You don’t spit in the wind
You don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and

And here is where I added my own verse

You don’t waste a sunny weekend in November!

Ok, ok it doesn’t rhyme, but it fits for this weekend…

After a crazy week of heavy rain, high winds, power failures and random nuttiness at work, this weekend dawned bright and sunny!

Every year, I hope for 1 weekend like this in November. I made a promise to Michelle when I moved in:  Christmas lights would always be up and ready to light as soon as it get’s dark on Thanksgiving. Before I moved in, someone made her climb up and down the ladder herself to make it happen, and that’s just not right.

I am not a GOOD light puter upper, and it is not my favorite thing, but every night during Christmas that the lights come on, I see her gorgeous smile, JUST like a little kid at Christmas, and it is totally worth it!

So Saturday, after two trips to Home Depot and a bit of cussing, the lights were put up!  Any year I can do this without getting soaked is a GOOD year.  Mission accomplished, promise kept!

Sunday’s weather was to be the same! It just so happens, Thursday last was my 51st birthday.  Michelle got me one of the coolest jerseys ever!


Which I wore back and forth to work that day.  Friday after work we went to Woodinville for a bit of wine tasting and dinner, it was a great couple days.  However, she told me that Sunday was my day to ride, as long and as far as I wanted….

Damn I have a great wife!

Well, I debated where to go. With not having gone too far lately, I didn’t want to over do it, so I decided to simply do the Lake Washington Loop trail with my personal Woodinville loop addition.  I knew this would be about 60 miles or so, very doable.

I was doubly excited about this as I learned there is a cycling tradition of riding your age in miles on your birthday.  Well being a November baby, I modified it to riding my age NEAR my birthday.  Made it!


However, in Washington, when the sun shines this time of year it gets BUTT bitin cold!  Today was no exception.  It was 35 when I headed out.  This called for some bundling up!


It’s all about the layers!

For those of you who don’t live here, and for some who have, there is a perception that the Seattle area is gray and gloomy from Halloween until somewhere near Independence Day. Some even suffer from some low light crankiness syndrome. I like to perpetuate this rumor as out traffic sucks ass enough,  We don’t need more people here.

But for my blog readers, you get to see the truth.  When these cold clear days occur, they are truly a sight to behold, IF you have the right duds to keep out the cold!

image image image image image image image image image Plus, since my loop takes me neat Boeing in Renton, you never know what you might see.


What is even better, as the day went on, and the sun got higher, it warmed up.  I soon lost the full face mask and warmest gloves.  I even had to remove the helmet cover it got so warm.  The last 10 miles, it musta hit 52 degrees or so, it was time to shuck down to cycling shorts.

I will admit I did get shamed a bit.  In Kirkland.  There I was still bundled up, when I saw a mom jogging the opposite direction. She was being followed but a 10-year-old on a bike, no coat, no gloves, just jeans.  He was being followed by his kid sis dressed the same, but in a cheerleader skirt!! Kids just don’t feel cold…

In the end, it worked out to be 65 miles! The longest ride since RAMROD, and though I am tired now, it was well worth it!

Thanks Michelle!! I needed that ride!

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