Friends in Low Places

I am not a big country and western fan, but there are a few I will bust into ‘harmony’ (or lack there of) with when they come on the radio, or Pandora or someone’s play list.  One it Garth Brooks’ Friends in Low Places.

Well I’ve got friends in low places, where the whiskey burns and the beer chases the blues away, and I’ll be okay….

Now I’ve got three friends who date back from the WSU days.  I’ve done many a post that involved Jim, Dave and Scott.


We have helped each other time and again.  And even though we may see each other in person less than once a year (even less for Jim who is on the East Coast) our friendship never suffers.  Yesterday, it was my turn to call for help

Michelle’s mom, a few weeks ago, took a hard spill and has been in a Skilled Nursing Facility ever since.  Michelle has been shouldering a helluva lot  mostly on her own (Her hubby helps as he can, but she is amazing and gets it done!).

One thing that needed to get done was to move mom out of her assisted living apartment before the end of November.  She will be moving to a place that provides more care, and if we didn’t get out by the first, she’d be on the hook for another month’s rent.  Michelle, her brother and I were thinking all month, we’ll take care of that after Thanksgiving.

Will all the stress and changes we are dealing with, we kinda forgot to check the calendar.  All three of us were thinking there was an extra week after thanksgiving….

On my walk at work Tuesday I get a text from Michelle, “OMG!!!  This weekend is the end of the month!!  Mom needs to move out now!” (this is not word for word but the message is the same and the were lotsa !!! from both of us as figured this out)

Michelle’s brother was stuck at work, and couldn’t help, so it was up to us.  When in need, I shout at the guys.  This time I picked Dave.


There were a couple of reasons.  1) He lives close.  and 2) with 2 teenage sons, he comes with a full moving crew.  I texted him immediately.  His response: “Can do, Where and when?”

Dave and I have gone sky diving, river rafting, and played tackle football on New Years Day together. I knew if he was available he’d be there, and he was.

The day dawned bright and cold, and I was happy to shuffle Michelle off for a haircut.  (I have learned one NEVER cancels a hair appointment!!)  I will admit, I was happy there was finally something I could do to help and she didn’t have to be there.  This was MAN work! Plus she deserved to be pampered for a bit, and take time for herself.

I got the Uhaul, and got to Mom’s place.  Just in case I was ready with a backpack full of tools and a swiss army knife.  One never knows what one will need! When you know someone for 30+ years, you know them well.  Sure enough, Dave showed up with a hand truck just as I expected.  (hand truck was used a lot, no need for the tools but I was ready!)

Brenden and Trevin, his two boys, were the perfect crew.  No complaints, and they were ready to work.  Now of course, this was not an easy move.  Mom was on the 2nd floor, down a LONG hallway, then it was an elevator and another LONG hallway to the truck.  No complaints at all.

My plan was as follows.  Load the stuff, take the big TV to a recycler, donate all I could (Mom’s new place will be furnished) and take the rest to Michelle’s brother to store.  We’d figure out what to do with stored stuff later.

Well turns out, Trevin wanted the bed, box springs and mattress!  BOOM!!  Those are some of the hardest things to get rid of!  They also wanted a few other things.  OK, new plan, take stuff to Dave’s then move on!

The move went well except for one delay.  The three of them went into the elevator with a load, while I took the stairs with some light items.  I was waiting downstairs and…  Where are they??  I was about to go back up to see if something was wrong, when the doors opened.  “Sorry, we forgot to push the button….” (OK had to laugh!)

We were loaded in under an hour and heading out!  The boys each earn $20 for their efforts.  Dave tried to stop me as “They need to learn to do stuff like this because it’s the right thing to do, NOT for money.”  I countered with, “They did do it for that reason.  They had no idea I’d pay them.  Plus Michelle will be mad at me if I don’t!” (She wouldn’t, but she and I know when to use the other as the ‘heavy”.)

We got to Dave’s, unloaded the items he wanted, and he said. “You know, there’s a good will just up the road, and they will recycle the TV, I’ll come with you!”

Long story short, Goodwill took everything! Dave saved me a lot of miles, which in turn saved me money for the truck!

I stopped at Safeway, where I parked the car to unload a few things we needed to keep.  I don’t trust people who drive Uhauls, so I don’t park in the Uhaul parking lot!.

After I transferred items, I went to drop the truck only to find, NO KEYS!!!  I will not begin to type the words that came out of my mouth as I searched everywhere for those things!!  The perfect move was going to screwed because of me being a dumbass!

Finally, on the floor of the backseat, under a buncha stuff there they were!! (Cue the angels singing!)

Truck was dropped off, and I was home by 1:30.

Thanks Dave!! I can always count on you! Thank boys again for me!

OH, and Michelle’s hair is totally cute!

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