Did you ever wonder….

So here we are, it’s now December, and therefore, by Tony Law, it is ok to start talking about Christmas. Once Thanksgiving is over, then the lights can come on,


and we can start watching Christmas Specials.  I was raised on Claymation, so of course Rudolph, Santa Clause is Coming to Town and The Year Without a Santa are my favorites. Later in life, after discovering Bill Murray, Scrooged came to the top of the list as well.

One I am not partial to is “Its a Wonderful Life.” It’s just a bit sappy for me.  But it is famous for 2 things.  The first is saying “An angel got it’s wings!” when a bell rings.  And the second is something I’ve pondered since I was a kid….

In the show, Jimmy Stewart convinces the guardian angel dude to show him what the world would be like if Jimmy hadn’t ever been born. Being the science fiction geek I am, and loving time travel books. I have wondered this as well, what would things be like if I hadn’t been born?

Editors note: For the Record, especially since Mom and  Michelle read every post I am very glad I was born and I am happy I am here, but these are the things that go through my ex science teacher mind


Lets put some parameters around this though.  It is obvious that if I was never born neither of the boys would have been.  So for this thought experiment we will go with them being here with or without me.  Cuz even though I REALLY wanted to sell them on Craigslist a time or two, I do like them.

This is for the intangible stuff. What to I mean?

Well as an example. If I hadn’t been born and gone to work at the Holy P, and talked (I am sure daily) about cycling, would Auburn Liz and Mighty Manda have started riding, let alone end up completing the Seattle to Portland

Mighty Manda on Left, Auburn Liz on right. Finisher badges in hand!
Mighty Manda on Left, Auburn Liz on right. Finisher badges in hand!

Let’s go back farther.  Back in the days of yore, Washington State University, there were the Men of Strohs, Dave Jim, Scott and I

Elder Strohs Men

But, we all didn’t meet at the same time! September 1982, a very young Mountainstroh, Possibly after a beer or two, ran into a very young Mudsucker.


We quickly became friends, and the following year, until we graduated, roommates.  However, he was NOT there the night I met Dave and Jim


I introduced Scott to them later in the year, and we were together ever since!  But, had he and I not met, who knows what would have happened. Our Strohs Bros & Fros football team woukda needed a new quarterback without the big man!

Then there is Dave.

image 226433_1860659309943_3478546_n

Poor guy, when I first met him he was shy, almost an introvert.  He was the Al Giordino to my Dirk Pitt!  I took him under my wing and taught him ALL he knew about women.  Oh wait, maybe I have that backwards…

BUT, I do know, without me, there may NOT have been a Strohs Mother Ship at Seafair


And even if there was, it needed me to drag the darn thing by hand through the water until Dave got the engine started….  Let’s also not forget the day I covered for him to get out of a date he had made while drinking the night before!  (Of course he will point out to me that had I not been born he would never had met said woman…  but that’s beside the point.)

The lovely Stacey


might have starved to death!  I can’t count the number of boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese, as well as tuna casserole she helped me eat over the years…

Jenna, Teri and Kristina have told me more than once that I helped them get through Chemistry and for some Physics!

How about my short tenure as a teacher.  Both student teaching and subbing, I hope I inspired at least one student during my time.

I was also the one that introduced the guys to darts, which took us to the state tournament. I also brought to the group Rob (Dartbutt we called him since he saved our butts MANY times!)

Since then, there is no telling how many times I how often I have helped fellow hikers and cyclists.  I’ve given directions, helped make repairs, shared extra water, and one memorable day from Camp Muir, led a team of people down from Camp Muir


When the weather had changed and a heavy fog came in. I am not sure how I took the lead, but I got us out of a pretty dicey spot.

Then let us not forget the Mountainstroh blog y’all are reading right now.  since I’ve started this thing, there have been over 110000 visitors.  I know many of those have been relatives and friends, but others have come from all over the world.

So all in all, I will never discover a cure for a disease, save a princess from ogres, or become famous. but overall I have done pretty darn good.

Still, it would be fun to see what would be different, as long as we can bring my ass back after I check it out!

Like the wind folks!

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  1. I was waiting for the part about…if I hadn’t been born, there’d be no blog. But, sure enough, you covered it!

    Glad you are here on this earth, Tony. 🙂

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