It’s there if you look

As I type this, it is a wet cold day outside here in the Northwest.  I have a fire started in the wood burning stove, the Manchild is on the couch wrapped in a big blankie, and on Facebook I see people counting down to the start of summer.

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading a post from a Drawbridge Keeper here in Seattle Titled Beauty in the Gray.  I’ve been meaning to do my own post on the subject ever since.  Yep, it can be gray and dismal here this time of year. But if you pay attention, and look around you, this time of year is amazing, and in fact, sometimes more spectacular than summer!As I was sitting, sipping coffee and reading and surfing the interwebs this morning, when I looked outside to see our bird feeders going nuts.  It was obviously breakfast time at the Mountainstroh’s house.  This guy looked like he was ready to chow down!


Earlier this week, Michelle discovered why our seed feeder seemed to emptying so quickly


Yep, I know, these pictures could happen in the summer.  However, what I have found is that in the winter, the animals seem to know when the rain is coming. So beforehand they come out in droves to fill their bellies.


I can sit and watch for hours.

Then there are the frosty cold days.  On these days, I see people bundled up, rushing from the car to the building, looking for warmth.  Recently, while riding, I came upon this.


The sun had just hit this plant.  Had I gotten there 5 minutes earlier, the sun would have still been shrouded, 15 minutes later, the ice would’ve melted.  But, because I was there at just the right time, and paid attention to the world around me, I was able to get this.


Then there is the window at work.  There are pros and cons to the new office I am in.  Some of the people around me have voices that drive me to Pandora and earbuds early in the day. Its only 5 miles from the office, which isn’t much of a workout.  However, we are perfectly situated for views like this from my desk!  (Which, I may add, are even more spectacular with the clouds.)

IMG_1937 IMG_1938 IMG_1928 IMG_1936 12132620_10206222370771931_5303603766638283840_o

We can go weeks at a stretch this time of year without seeing Rainier.  But when we do, the fresh blanket of snow makes it even prettier.  Especially after as bare as it was this summer!


But let’s go way back in time.  I once went snowshoeing up hwy 410, into the park. I was amazed to see things like this.

Chinook pass
Chinook pass

image image

These are just a few of the ice pictures I took.  Made me wish I didn’t have to turn around to head home.  Every step gave me a new sculpture.

Or these from winter hikes.


Pratt lake

Yes, I will admit it can be cold and wet outside


And even as crazy as I am, my first inclination on days like these is to stay in bed, snug up, and hope the snooze alarm forgets to wake me up.  But once we are up and running I love where I am.

OK, I will admit places like Key West are fun to visit


But if’n I had to choose, I’d take the Northwest any day!image

Enjoy the day!

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  1. Yes, embrace the gray — I like that. 🙂 And I also like this: “Some of the people around me have voices that drive me to Pandora.” 🙂

    1. Sarah I can honestly work with anyone… But I have 2 near me hat talk from the minute they arrive until they leave. And they never hear what the other is saying! Calgon(I mean Pandora) take me away!!!

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