Eye of the Tiger

As anyone who knows me in real live life will tell you, when it comes to choices of entertainment, I got stuck in the 80s.  Music, TV, and movies from that era hold a special place in my heart and my itunes.

I also use some of the classic lines from the best movies.  Someone says “May I ask you a question?”  I respond with “Talk to me Goose!” When something works the way I want it to I launch into “I love it when I plan comes together!”  Anytime you can use either “If you will not help me, then TA HELL WITH YOU!”  or “Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the wimmen!” is a good day! When I am making something work that normally wouldn’t I hear in my head “The world is what you make of it, friend. If it doesn’t fit, you make alterations.” And when overly stressed, you can always feel better with a boisterous “Yippee Ki Ay…….”

More than any other though, from movie and song, the “Eye of the Tiger” has the most affect of them all…

For those who don’t know (and hey some might not care) the eye of the tiger was coined by Apollo Creed in Rocky III. (Yep the one with Mr. T).  Which of course was followed by the Song.

Over the years, this phrase has been applied time and time again. After a 3 week new hire course the eye of the tiger is gone at work, I just want to sits and listens to pandora.  After stacking firewood for days

image image

There is no memory of what the eye of the tiger is.  It is sit on your ass time, and even if someone found the missing eye, I wouldn’t take it.

Most importantly though, said eye applies to working out.  Regardless of the endeavors and goals of years gone by, the eye is what gets you out there training and getting ready for the big attempt of the year

Rainier sound to narrows image


Early on, when the goals are fresh, and then later when they are close, the Eye is strong in our hero.  Here, in a rare shout, the look is captured, full on Eye of the Tiger going here.


When it takes over, nothing can stop you!  Pain don’t hurt, chicks dig scars, glory is forever (OK NOT from the 80s but there are always exceptions) is your manta, and you can feel the power in you muscles, and the desire to succeed  in your bones.  When the eye hits, you are truly unstoppable.  Which got me through the RAMROD this year.  And YES it was a bitch!

11792084_10205736397622906_1244260442268146532_o image

However, at least with me, sooner or later during the year the training eye will fade, leaving you looking like this

Faceplanting for climbing school!

Yep, like you’ve hit a wall, or umm, a snow bank.

This year it was a long time a comin.  I was going strong through November, pushing to get close to 4000 miles.  Which I hit at the end of November!

Then there was December.  Real life intruded, in some ways good, like the Math Major graduating from college Magna Cum Laude

12345480_10207100314960165_4985447699649083649_n image

and some not so good, such as work in general and the Mom in law’s  medical issues wearing heavy on Michelle, and the weather being just plain crappy, the miles this month have dwindled something fierce.  I am still riding back and forth to work.


And we did walk the Jingle bell 5 k

image image image

But even getting my ass in the shed and on the rollers has been hard.  It’s just much more tempting to  watch netflix and snug with Michelle.  Shoot I haven’t even blogged in 3 weeks….

I am never happy when I lose the eye.  And in fact I get pretty down on myself.  In my head I know I’ve busted my rear this year. done an epic ride had a record-setting month and year for miles.  I also know its good for a body to have some down time.

It does make me grouchy at times, and of course being tigerless during the Christmas potluck and snack season is NOT easy! (Tubby Tony!)

However, today is Christmas eve.  I am sporting my Jimmy Buffet Christmas T-shirt


and Michelle and I are heading out for out annual Christmas Eve lunch.  We also had our traditional eggnog lattes this morning. (YUM!)  Tomorrow is Christmas and we will hang out, snack and watch Christmas videos (Scrooged!) .

However, Michelle has already informed me  that at least one day this weekend I will be riding.   I know once I am outside, getting the stink blown off me, and pedaling more than 5 miles, I will take the steps toward finding the eye.


And once January hits, and I firm up some 2016 ride goals, then it will be full-blown again! Until then I will spend the next couple days enjoying the hell out of Christmas with Michelle and not caring a lick about the riding.

Hmmm, I can almost start to feel it coming back…..

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  1. There are times and seasons, and December has its enjoyments! Stay in the moment for the holidays and then keep going forward into the next season. I am looking forward to hearing more of your looney adventures in 2016!

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