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And then there were 7!

Most of y’all who read this blog know than I am an avid reader.  With the invention of a Kindle app I am even more so!  I carry the iPad or phone with me everywhere, and when I have to … Continue reading

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Back in a real saddle

Well ladies and gents, as we know, when I am stuck in Spokane, especially in the winter months, I am without a bike.  As my wife Michelle will tell you, if I am without a bike and do not work … Continue reading

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A day of loss

There were a lot of things I thought I might be writing about this week as I am stuck in Spokane to teach, but there is NO way I thought it would be this.  Tonight I am turning over the … Continue reading

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The Weather Gods Suckered Me!

Last week, if you remember, I woke up, got geared for the ride, opened the door and saw…. GULLYWASHER!  I did an about-face, shucked the riding gear and drove in with Michelle to work.  Sometimes, it is just OK to decide this … Continue reading

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Never waste a day like this in January

When it comes to the Seattle area in January there is, in general, only 2 types of weather.  Wet and rainy, or clear and cold!  This makes cycling in January a bit challenging. Even though I do it, riding in the … Continue reading

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John Cusack brings about an epiphany

Folks, I am not sure if I have ever put a warning label on post before. This time I think I will.  What I will post here is not meant to offend anyone.  I have many many friends who have … Continue reading

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Physician Heal Thyself

Folks, being a parent aint easy.  There is no owners manual, and the only thing you can hope for is that the kids don’t end up breaking a bone or splitting their melons when you are left in charge of … Continue reading

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Just Dumb Fun

We all get busy. Kids have homework, adults have errands and chores and work and responsibilities. Somehow we also have to fit in workouts, reading books, sleep and yep, even writing a blog. Because of this, weekends end up going … Continue reading

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Starting out right

Long ago, I made the New Years resolution that I not only kept that year, but I was able to keep year in and year out.  I resolved NOT to make resolutions! It has worked wonders for me. However, that … Continue reading

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It’s all about enjoying the ride

I was chatting with a blogger friend today after my last blog post. In it I had mentioned the long ago jerk who told a relatively new cyclist (me)  “Well until you do the RAMROD, you aren’t a real cyclist.” … Continue reading

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