Just Dumb Fun

We all get busy. Kids have homework, adults have errands and chores and work and responsibilities. Somehow we also have to fit in workouts, reading books, sleep and yep, even writing a blog. Because of this, weekends end up going by too quickly.

Michelle and I share a brain, and quite often we both have the same thought simultaneously.  Last week I looked at her and said, “Its been a long time since the Manchild and I did something fun together.” She nodded immediately, saying “I meant to mention that to you! It has been!”

Today we fixed that!

Now the kids favorite pastime is video games.  Tournaments, playing on-line, watching speed runs and just practicing. He can go on for days on the intricacies of certain games. I, on the other hand, have no skills what so ever.

However, a year or two ago, we discovered something we both liked, the Seattle Pinball Museum!


This is a little hole in the wall down in the International District (China Town), with a floor and a half of Pinball machines.  They have them in age order from the 60s clear up to some of the most modern ones. It also has Missile Command, Pac Man, Galaga and Asteroids!

In fact, they have the biggest pinball machine ever made.


How big is it? Well the ball itself is bigger than a golfball.


I asked him Friday if he’d like to go, and he was all over it!

Seattle is only 12 or so miles south of us, and the museum another 5 south of that.  For many of y’all, that would be a 20 minute drive, tops.  For us in Seattle, it can take over an hour and then parking sucks!

We went for plan B.  We drove into Seattle just far enough to find an easy parking spot.  Then we walked 5 minutes to the bus tunnel (yep we have a tunnel under Seattle just for buses) and grabbed the first one going south.  At the International District station, we were 2 blocks away. PERFECT!

The museum works like this. You go in, pay $13 (apiece), get a wristband and play as many and as long as you want. NICE!!  1.5 hours later we were still playing. Then he challenged me to a two player game…

When it comes to video games, and sadly, yes, billiards, this kid kicks my ass.  And, for the record, I am NO expert in pinball.  However, what the kid forgot is that I started begging quarters from my parents for pinball when I was in grade school, and for the record that was a LONG time ago. During that time, I learned one thing. The more you keep the ball in play, the more points you get. 

This meant that while, on his turn, he would catch the ball and place his shots I was mashing the flippers just keeping from losing the ball.  Then, when I would get multi balls sessions, I didn’t even look at the score. I just watched the flippers and kept them moving! The poor kid was having conniptions!  “HOW did you just get 32 MILLION Points??” “Another multi ball??”  ” I am getting bodied by my dad!!!”

At one point I quietly repeated what my dad once said “Old age and treachery will win over youth and vigor every time…” I saw out of the corner of my eye that the lady next to us (a bit younger than me) busted out laughing when I said it!

In the end, I won 5 out six sessions.  It was a good day!

However, by then we were both starving.  We hopped back on the bus, and went back into downtown to Johnny Rockets, a old-time looking burger joint in Pacific Place.  Couple of burgers and fries and we were good to go.

As we walked back to the car the kid said, “Thank you!  This was really fun! I am very glad you took me…”

Sometimes you just need dumb fun…

7 thoughts on “Just Dumb Fun

  1. That sounds like a lotta fun (no matter if it’s dumb or not, that’s debate-able). Kids break out the kids in all of us … I don’t think I’ve played on a pinball machine in about 15 years … they still have them? The one I always remember was Black Knight, a double decker pinball machine. I think I saw a triple decker pinball machine one time, but can’t remember details of that.

  2. Mashing???? MASHING????? Son, that’s not a northwest word!!!!!! You MASH potatoes, NOT flippers!!!!!

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