Physician Heal Thyself

Folks, being a parent aint easy.  There is no owners manual, and the only thing you can hope for is that the kids don’t end up breaking a bone or splitting their melons when you are left in charge of them.  It is something all Dad’s worry about.

Being a dad also means that you are in charge of the helpful advice when someone does get inured. “Just rub some dirt on it!” “If there’s no blood you aint really hurt!” “Chicks dig scars!” and “If you fall, you know the rule, you have to do 2 more laps!”

What? Oh the last one may not make as much sense.  Let me explain…

When they were younger, both the Manchild and the Mathmajor were inline speed skaters.



This was, beyond a doubt, great exercise for the boys.  While skating, these two were healthier than any other kids their age. However, when you get kids on skates, and going fast, sooner or later they are going to fall. Falls on skating floors HURT!

With the littler kids, but sometimes even the older, they would want to come off the floor and be done after a fall.  It’s just human nature. However, our coach had a rule.  Once he, or a parent, ensured there was no serious injury, the kid was told “You can’t leave the floor until you give me two more laps!”

Invariably, the first lap was done sniffling. However,  halfway through the second, the kids were smiling and skating strong! Most of the time they forgot to come off the floor afterwards.  It’s much like the old saying “If you fall off the horse, you have to get back in the saddle immediately!” Otherwise you might be too scared to try again.

So why am I telling you this? Well last Wednesday I crashed and burned! (It happens sooner or later to all of us cyclists)) When I left my house, it was relatively warm, and the roads around our house were dry. I was excited to ride. But then things went down hill.

I later read that for some reason, the temps around here dropped over 6 degrees in a very short time, casuing black ice and a lot of accidents.  Plus, I have come to the conclusion that Lynnwood, a mere 5 miles north of me, is just plain colder than my house.

Regardless of the reason, I made a left on to the bike path and I think that I my back tire hit the metal grating that protects the pavement, that had frozen suddenly.


Sure enough, down I went!  As crashes go, I have had worse, but this one hit without warning.

I will say, once again, I proved why I wear a helmet at all time.  The helmet, instead of my head hit the sidewalk! That is a good thing!

First off the bike is fine! I had one brake lever that was out of plumb, but a quick stop on the Local Bike Shop and a borrowed allan wrench and I was good to go! (People heal bikes don’t!)

I was stiff and sore, a bit of road rash, and just this morning, Michelle noticed a bruise I hadn’t seen.  I did ride the bike home that day. However, as I got ready to leave this morning (and yep still cold out) I realized something.  I had NOT ridden since last Wednesday!

Thursday and Friday I drove to work to “let the soreness go away” This weekend we were busy and the Hawks played, but still, not even a ride in the shed.  Even this morning, the inner voice was saying “Maybe we should drive just one more day….”

That inner voice is the one that will get you in trouble every time! It’s the one that says, the bed is too warm to leave and go work out. The one that says the second piece of pie is ok because it’s not THAT big. The one that says its ok to tell your boss he smells funny he will appreciate the feedback! And the one that says you ARE a good dancer! (Oh wait, that is the voice from your 3rd beer, forget that!).  In this case, it was trying to get me to stay out of the saddle!

Well. to make a long story short, I gave myself a swift kick in the ass, and headed down the road! I will admit to being a bit more cautious on my turns, but by the time I got to work I was happy, smiling and the voice had quieted down! A good start to a work week! And I am looking forward to tomorrow!

See, if I had just done 2 more laps….


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