The Weather Gods Suckered Me!

Last week, if you remember, I woke up, got geared for the ride, opened the door and saw…. GULLYWASHER!  I did an about-face, shucked the riding gear and drove in with Michelle to work.  Sometimes, it is just OK to decide this is not a good day to ride.

That night, I rode on the rollers in the shed, and cranked out 20 miles (my inside riding distance record) which made up for not riding that morning.

The cycling gods were pleased, however, the weather gods might have been a little perturbed at me….

All week I’d been hearing that today (Saturday) was gonna be a washout. Pure and simple it was going to rain like this all day.


I woke up a couple of times last night, and heard it coming down hard.  So I snugged back under the covers and went back to sleep. It was still raining some when we woke up.

The day started out right Michelle took us to Diamond Knot for breakfast!  One of the best breakfast burritos I’ve ever had, plus tater tots and coffee!  YUM!.

We knew today was going to be busy, as tomorrow I have to fly to Spokane again for a week.  That means we have to get all the chores done today!  (The Seahawks play tomorrow which takes up Sunday morning!)

After breakfast we did the grocery shopping and I used what looked to be s short break in the rain to take down the Christmas lights. (As long as its done before Easter it is NOT too late!). We then needed to make a run down to Home Depot.

As we walked from the car to the store we realized: It was WARM!  55, sunny, perfect! Michelle said, “YOU need to go for a ride!” “YES I DO!!” was my reply!

We got home, I changed, loaded the bike on the car and went down to the Burke-Gilman trail.  AS I got closer, I saw there were some clouds, but it I said to myself “Pish tosh! I can get 20 miles in before it rains!” Remember when I said it was warm? Well I of course stuck with shorts, fingerless gloves and just a windbreaker.  No lie, as SOON, as I started heading for Woodinville a light rain started…

Now a smart man woulda turned around, but  as I looked toward my destination, I saw this


This time I thought to myself, “I can out run the rain!” So off I went!

I was correct, within 4 miles or so the rain stopped, I started drying out. at it stayed warm.  I was patting myself on the back and enjoying an early springtime like ride.  With me being gone next week, it’s the last chance to ride outside for over 7 days.  I know its only a ride along the trail, but this kind of ride is SO much more fun than the rollers.


When you are riding in the shed, even though there are movies to watch, you never see something like the sun making trees glow in the winter.


Or my friend the Red Tail Hawk


This is an out and back ride.  Which means at the midpoint, I have to turn around and come back.  What did I see?


Yep… Between the car and me were rain clouds! If this were any other month I woulda said screw it and detoured a quarter-mile to Dusted Valley for a glass of wine.


A little wine makes cold rain a little less miserable.  However, I am doing dry January to detox the body from the holiday indulgence, which means the stop wasn’t an option. I had to suck it up and head into the rain.

In the distance I could hear the weather gods laughing.  They were going to get even with me for NOT riding on Wednesday. And they did!

5 miles from the car, the rain started.  As I cruised along, it kept raining harder. I was passing both runners and riders looking pretty damn damp and miserable. I just put my head down and pedaled faster.  My theory is the faster I go, the less time I am getting wet! By the tine I reached the car it was pouring down!  Yep, I was soaked!

But I cranked out 20 miles, got some fresh air, and throughly enjoyed myself.  PLUS, hopefully the weather gods are appeased and they will take pity on me in the arctic tundra that is Spokane!

One lucky thing.  As the bike was drying out in the laundry room, I heard a hissing, and sure enough, the back tire is punctured! My first flat in over 3000 miles! AND, it didn’t strand me in the rain! (Cycling gods smiled on me!)

Even better, the bike goes in the shop tomorrow for a tune up, and I was going to have them replace the tires.  So I will let them fix the flat!

All and all a good day! Next week?  Spin class…..  UGH!!!

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