Back in a real saddle

Well ladies and gents, as we know, when I am stuck in Spokane, especially in the winter months, I am without a bike.  As my wife Michelle will tell you, if I am without a bike and do not work out, I might get a bit cranky.

Last year, to combat this, I signed up for a package of Spin Classes.  I had no idea what I was expecting but what I got was NOT it….

First off, of course the person running the class is a lady.  Bouncy, flouncy, and full of piss and vinegar.  (THIS I expected) what I did not expect was she’d have a mouth like a sailor (each and every once of them!) So since it is ok for them to use the phrase “Let’s go BITCH-ESSSSS” I have now named all the girls “Spin Bitch!” I also had no idea it would be THAT hard!

I made it all three days last week, thought the last day was the most difficult to get motivated.  I was tired, sore, and just not feeling it.  What I REALLY wanted to do was go have Pizza and Wine and be lazy.  But I drug myself to The Union and saddled up.


Thursday’s Spin Bitch was different. She didn’t ride.  She was running throughout the session, encouraging us, talking to us and helping us along.  Removing the F bombs, she did promise 3 holy shits during the session.

Editors Note: I could be wrong, but to me the definition of a Holy Shit is that when you get done pedaling that leg, all you can do is try to breathe and your first words are “Holy  Shit!!” YEP there were three!

She musta known I almost didn’t come, that night,  She was praising us for being there.  Pointing out that we do this for ourselves and ourselves alone.  That when we enter the door and crawl on the bike, the real word and all its problems stay outside. If you give your all to the class, nothing can get inside your head.

Damned if she wasn’t right!  I had to concentrate on breathing, pedaling and doing my damnedest to stay with the rest of the class.  A couple of times she patted my back, encouraging the oldest person and one of the only guys in the class to keep trying.  (I did wonder also if she was also checking if I was still alive!)

In the end, I did survive.  I was dripping with sweat, tired as hell, didn’t recognize a single song that was played, but I made it!  I drug my self to Taco Time and then to the hotel to just sit!

The next day was the flight home. I was lucky to get on an earlier flight, and I had hopes of nice weather at home


Sadly though, when I got to Seattle, it was pouring! And it rained all day Saturday.  Its even sadder when you have a bike fresh out of shop after a tune up!  I REALLY wanted to ride, but no dice, it was even too wet for me!

Today, though, was another story!  Dry as a tater chip! Not too cold, (45) and perfect for the ride!  I took off at 9 for my normal 40 mile loop.

Folks it just felt good! The bike ran well, the weather couldn’t be better this time of year, and the legs were feeling great! It had been way too long (ok not THAT long but it felt that way) that I felt the wind past my ears and the sun in my face. If it had been warm enough for bugs, I woulda had them in my teeth for sure from smiling!

I am a bit worried about tomorrow’s weigh in after eating out in Spokane for a week (one night with a killer brownie and ice cream for dessert!)

But with today’s ride, I am back on the correct side of the mountains, back in the real saddle and breathing fresh air! I am really hoping I can get a ride in next weekend as well! Next week I need to sign up for the RSVP and the McClinchy Mile. 16 is going to be a busy riding year!



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