Just Cuz

You know, there are times that life just flat gets busy.  Work, family, family, work, house, kids, work, life, cats, and whatever else pops up taking those precious extra hours of the day away from us. It’s a wonder we all just ain’t frazzled beyond belief!

Sometimes you just have to say,”Screw it!” and have a Just Cuz afternoon…

Wait, you aren’t sure what that is….A just cuz afternoon (or better yet a day) is a time you stop worrying about the world and just do stuff JUST CUZ!

Still not following?

OK, let me try to explain.

Today I had to fly back to Spokane to finish up my training with my two people.  Its ONLY 300 miles away, and its an easy trip, but honestly I am just not excited about leaving and traveling without my wife! (She might enjoy the reduction in burping and farting arond the house though…)

In the back of my head I had hoped to get to Eastern Washington early enough to make a banzai trip down to Pullman for some Cougar Gold Cheese! But sadly, it was not to be. By the time we landed and I got the car, I just would not have gotten there.)

I coulda been bummed, and let myself be in a bad mood, but given the choice I try NOT to do that. To help myself I stopped at a new coffee stand and grabbed an iced Americano.  Nuthin like a shot of caffeine at 4PM to help keep you in a good mood!

When I parked and walked into the hotel I realized the weather was perfect! Sunny, shirt sleeve warm, and no wind.  And this all on February 8th in eastern Washington!  After I grabbed a cookie (or two) and dropped my crap in the room I decided to go see the world.

Why you ask? JUST CUZ!  I went walking along the Spokane river just to enjoy the view. image

I just love the fact the city has raging white water right down town! It was the perfect walk, and made me think spring is close.

Afterward, I went to a cool local book store, Auntie’s Books. Now anyone who knows me knows I only read e-books on the iPad. But I have never stopped loving browsing book stores. Why?  Just Cuz! Sure enough, today proved again why I did so.


Seriously??? Asimov and Shakespeare??? How could one NOT buy this book!

OK, Since I was still going to dinner and it was a heavy assed  book, I didn’t buy it right off.

First I went to the Italian Kitchen, built my own pasta an meatballs, and had a glass of Jack Cab Sav! When Lindsay came back to check on me, I decided a second glass was call for! Why? Just cuz!

almost decided to have the brownie and ice cream for dessert, but that little voice inside my head talked me out of it! (Bastard!) So after settling up the bill, I went back to the bookstore and bought the book.

Now I know it might languish on a shelf for year and gather dust, but dammit, it was only $14 and one of the coolest books I’d seen in years.  I wanted it, and I wanted it just cuz! Now it is mine!!

After I left though, I started thinking.  I wanted another glass of wine. And since it was a JUST CUZ afternoon, I decided, “Why NOT!”

Now I had two choices, I could either go back to the hotel and get free bad Cab Sav in a sippy cup


Orrr, I could go back a block to the Leftbank Wine bar and have a good glass! In fact I could sip some wine (A Cor Petit Verdot to be exact) and check out the new book!

imageand I did! Jesse, the bartender, was amazed at how thick the book was!  He thought I should turn to the middle of it to impress people on how much I had read.  Made me laugh!

So while I was a sipping and a reading I was listening to the people around me.  There were four 2o somethings asking for a “sweet white wine”. Bless their hearts. Jesse got them a Gewürztraminer to try. Now I coulda made fun of them, but sadly, when I was their age, I drank alcoholic Kool-aid, otherwise known as Cella Lambrusco! They at least were a step up from me

So, as I read and sipped and listened, I handed Jesse the card and asked him to pay for my glass, and the 4 for the kids. He looked at me weird and I replied, “Just cuz, everyone deserves a surprise free wine!” He nodded, smiled and gave me happy hour pricing even though it was well past.

I told him to wait till I left to tell them, it woulda spoiled it otherwise!

So yep, being away from Michelle and sleeping alone sucks, but giving in to a “just cuz” day made it a little better!


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