This is what we are gonna do…

Once, long ago, I got in trouble at work for something I did. Now the person on the receiving end of my plan was a friend of mine. Sadly, he was also an employee of the department I was a supervisor in.

DLow (one of my least favorite bosses ever) while calling me on the carpet, asked what I was thinking. I replied, “He is a friend of mine, it’s what friends do!” He just looked at me dumbfounded and said “I don’t know what kind of friends you have, but none that I have would ever do something like that…”

For once I kept my mouth shut, but inside I was thinking, “Wow, you must not have real friends…” but if you knew Dlow you would not be surprised!

What? You’d like an example of what I am talking about? Well there was the night I met Scott’s wife Jill…

You’ve all seen many a post about my buddies from College.  This story, though it rivals the time I met Jim’s Wife Meli (See the post Battlemode) Jim was not involved as he was 3000 miles away. This one involved just Scott, Dave and I (Scott is the tall one)

The Strohs Bros!  I was NOT the tall one, and check out the wall paper
The Strohs Bros! I was NOT the tall one, and check out the wall paper

Back in the day this picture was taken, we had a newly bar called Rusty’s.  Someday I will take the time to tell the story about how this occurred, but for now suffice it to say that from this bar we developed (and maintain) the Rusty’s Rule. If one of us needs the others, a Rusty’s Rule is called. Two things happen.  One, no matter what, the other two show up, and he who calls it, buys the beer. It is a rare occurrence, but it has come through for us over the last 30 years.

One night, Scott called the Rusty’s Rule. Dave and I met him at the Lucky 7 in Kirkland.

So there we were, throwing darts, drinking beer, and hanging out when we finally got Scott to start talking. He told me that he and his ex had gotten together a month ago, and one thing led to another, and she was now pregnant…. (The ex had a new hubby by then.)

CRAP!!  OK, my brain kicked into overdrive….

First thing I asked “Is this a good thing or a bad thing??” (one must never assume!)


Double CRAP!!

Folks, one thing my wife says about me many times is that I am a fixer. When she tells me something is wrong, sometimes she just once to talk and let me know what is up. She is not looking for me to ‘fix’ it.

That night, Fix It Valente was on the job.

My head was down, I wasn’t looking at either of them, but when I had an idea I would hold both hands out in front of me, move them up and down, and say, “This is what we are going to do…..”

Honestly, I have no memory of the plans I came up with. At the time, after a bit of beer lubrication, I will tell you they were all great! Well, at least until Scott would tell me, “No that won’t work because….”

And I would come up with another one…

I have NO idea how long this went on, AND I have to admit I was wondering why Dave wasn’t coming up with some ideas as well! But Scott needed help, and I was the man to do it! It ended when someone snuck up behind me and blew in my ear!

Do any of y’all remember Looney tunes when the cat would get started?


Yep, they peeled my ass off the ceiling!

When I turned around, there was this VERY cute lady, and she had moved to put her arm around my asshole of a friend!

It was Jill! This whole thing was a practical joke for me to meet the future Mrs. Mudsucker!

Editors Note: Dave then tells me he and Scott kept looking over me at each other AND back at Jill (who was one table behind us) and laughing… I was so focused on fixing the problem I never noticed….

Well for the rest of the night I made Scott buy the beer as I got to know the new lady in his life. I loved her from the start as I could tell she loved Scott, and years later they are still VERY happy

Scott and Jill
Scott and Jill

I’ve told this story quite a few times over the years, and every now and then, someone asks me “Weren’t you mad at him?”

Not for a second, I laughed till my sides hurt when I found out what was up, impressed as all hell at the joke. It’s what friends do, and this is one of my favorite memories of us 3 guys and he BEST way to have met Jill!

So, yep, that old boss of mine, obviously didn’t have calibre friends that I have!

Damn I wish I could remember the plans I came up with! BRILLIANT I tell ya!

Like the wind!

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