I’m just gonna have to be smelly!

It’s a sad truth, working gets in the way of cycling. Yep, bills, groceries, wine and stuff costs money. Had I known the person I was now and how much I liked riding at this stage of life, I may have chosen another career path. (One that involved 2 wheels….) But, luckily I am happy now, so I have no regrets.  The job pays the bills and buys the bike gear, though  it does require I get creative with finding time to cycle!

Yesterday, even though I had to work, was one of my more successful days…

Now normally, Wednesdays find me working in the Lynnwood office all day. That was my plan initially. Then, however,  I received, on Tuesday, a meeting request from Matt, the acting in charge dude of our department.  OK, no big deal, I will just meet remotely.

Editors note: I HATE meetings.  I firmly believe 98% of all meetings can be handled with a well crafted email.  The other 2%? aren’t even worth the email.

I let him know I would dial in and he quite sternly informed me that since this was someone interviewing for job at the Mighty P, I best darn well be there in person. Now, this may surprise you, but I tend not to do well with people putting their foot down with me. I was already to rear back and inform him why I would NOT be there.

But then, suddenly, I had a plan! (this is my evil plan face!)


“OK”, said I, “I have to be in the north office in the morning for another obligation” (very true) “And it is a cycle to work day.” (Also true) “I won’t have a car” (Mostly true) “So I will cycle down to Seattle and be there by 1, its only 10 miles!”

BRILLIANT! Not only will I get a mid day ride, but also a long ride from the Seattle office to home after work! A three ride day!

The morning 5 mile commute was perfect, I was in shorts and light windbreaker. The best morning weather in months!

Well my morning obligation, of course, was late. Instead of leaving at 10 or 1030, I left at 1140!  NOT good, but with it only being 10 miles, still no worries. I would still have time for a shower.

Have you ever had a trip where you badly underestimated the distance and time it would take to get there… Ladies and gents, that day was me yesterday.

I looked at the odometer, it was already after 12, and I still had WAY too many miles to go…  It turns out it’s a 17 mile one way trip NOT 10….

Well there are always options.  I call and say I won’t be there, I get there when I get there, or I put on the game face…


Sorry not that one, I mean this one!


And get there ON TIME!

The day was perfect, I was in shirt sleeves and shorts. The legs felt good, and I knew there were some downhills coming up. I was damn well going to make that meeting, so I dug deep.

Editors note 2: I am NOT a fast rider, but when need arises I can hold my own!

Do any of you remember being out as a kid, and telling your mom you’d be home at a certain time, and realizing you might miss it? Back then I would take every short cut, back trail and daredevil act I could to get there on time.

That younger Moutainstroh was with me yesterday. As hard as I was pedaling, and as much as I was stressing watching the time move faster than the miles, I was enjoying the hell out of the ride. Bombing down the hills, taking corners sharp, and yes, when safe, breaking have the traffic laws there are for bikes.  I did NOTHING unsafe, but I was darned if I was going to wait for a light to change when I could see for miles down the cross street!

There came a point where I decided there was good news and bad news…

Good news, barring the Fremont bridge being open


I was going to make it by 1.  The bad news? No way in hell I was going to have time to shower, I was just gonna have to be smelly!

Editors note 3: Since I was NOT the one interviewing, I didn’t have to make a good impression, so smelly it was!

I went up and over Dexter and flew into the parking garage, locked he bike and headed up to the locker room. Then it hit me…. I had NO idea where the interview was! CRAP!

Well a quick text to Michelle while changing, and I had my answer! I walked in right at 1!  I had no lunch, forgot the water bottle on the bike, and I was a bit winded, but I was there!

As soon as the interview was over and he was escorted from room I bolted for lunch and Gatorade.  It made the feedback session afterwards MUCH better.

The afternoon ride started damp, but 5 miles in, the sun came out and it stayed warm. The legs were fried, but it was a easy spin home the perfect ending to a great day.  A combined 40 miles, 3 separate rides, the best weather one could ask for in February, all combined for a very Tony!


I proved to myself how I earned the nickname of “The Wind!” and I just wish everyday could be like this!

PS No one mentioned me being any smellier than usual…..

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