My Inner Geek was showing

As we all know, my way to keep in shape is the ride the bike.  Be it 5 miles to work or 100 miles in the mountains, keeping the legs moving keeps the body strong, the heart beating, and face smiling.

Michelle is a run walker, and her legs (very nice ones I might add) do the same as she cranks out her miles. On the weekend, I will drive her anywhere from 6 to 15 miles away, and drop her at the trail for her to walk back.  I meet her at Starbucks.

It works better this way as she just has to focus moving forward instead of picking a turn around spot,  and I will have an ice tea waiting for her at Starbucks.

I know, its rough duty for me…

This last Saturday, she did 8 miles.  I like the longer walks as it lets me settle down at Starbucks for a while and have a relaxing morning. Sometimes I read a book, sometimes a blog post, this time I had my coffee and let the inner geek come out.


I have been intrigued with science since I was a kid.  I took every science class there was in Jr High and High School and had hoped to be a science teacher after graduation.  This of course did not happen, but the knowledge out there continues to grow AND I like to know what is going on.  Starbucks is the perfect time to read Scientific America.

I love this publication as it covers everything, astronomy, biology, physics, evolution, chemistry, computers and any other ology you can think of.  I am a firm believer the brain is a muscle and needs to be flexed.  Reading through some of these  gives me a serious mental work out and uses brain cells not touched since college! (At least those that beer didn’t kill)

My wife makes excellent time on her walk runs, and soon it was time for me to head out to meet her. I buy a Trenta Green Ice Tea (as she is a bit thirsty when she gets there) and then I start walking the trail toward her.  I usually finish the last half mile or so with her.

As always when I am on the trail, I keep an eye out for the nature around me. ( Again part of the science geek) and sure enough, there in the tree were a couple of these again


This has been a great eagle winter so far! Almost every time I am out I see another one.

This time I off the trail, checking them out when I heard a bike stopping behind me. The lady on the bike pointed at the tree ahead and said, “See that eagle?” and I pointed straight up and said, “There’s two right on top of you!”

She was excited and explained that she was a wildlife photographer, but due to some injury had just started to be able to get out and about again.  “Cool!” thought I…

But then she made me wonder…

Her: So are the eagles ALWAYS here?

Me: Well, they have been here a lot this winter.

Her: What time do they show up each day??

Ok, to myself I am thinking A) animals don’t have watches, B) I would think wildlife photographers would know that….

I answered, “Well I have had good luck in the early in the morning along the trail, but I have seen them all day long”

She then asked when the eagles had little eagles (she said it just that way). I assumed it was early spring.  Then she asked “when is spring up here?”

Editors note:  OK I will fully admit that spring can look like this here


But when it comes to the calendar, spring happens the same time every year….

She heading down the trail, and I just kinda shook my head.

Later that day, the Math Major was at the house. I was dropping him in Seattle for Grad School interviews  As he graduated with a Cellular biology degree, I mentioned to him an article about turning off a gene that stopped a virus that is decimating pigs on farms nationwide.

People, if the magazine stretched my brain, my oldest snapped it  He launched into specifics, details and expansions on what I learned.  It was fun to see his eyes light up as he was in his element! I understood every third concept of so….

I am convinced the kid thinks I know and understand a lot more than I really do.  Being a dad there is NO way I am going to tell him otherwise.  I know enough to be able to ask the occasional “not TOO dumb” question but that is the extent.  Someday he will figure it out, but until then….

Now, as a cyclist, I know its important to NOT overtax a muscle.  The mind is the same way.  It was a bit tired from being stretched in all directions, so I gave it some down time that night.  Manchild and I went and saw Deadpool!  The movie is funny, action packed and WRONG in so many ways, and it was the perfect way to rest the brain!

And, of course, it further supports the inner geek!.

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