Wettest Winter Ever

Yep, it is official, the Seattle area has had its wettest winter ever! I know, I know, those who do not live in the Northwest might be amazed.  As far as the rest of the country is concerned, every day in Seattle, year round, looks like this.


And I won’t lie. with these stats from the Tacoma News Tribune

The National Weather Service said 22.78 inches of rain have fallen at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport since Dec. 1. That beats the previous record of 22.77 inches, set in the winter of 1998 to 1999.

We have had many days which look just like this picute. but that is only half the story….

I have a friend who was born and raised in Seattle, and now lives down south.  Every chance I get, I point out to her reasons why I would never live down there.  Too hot, too sticky, giant bugs, nutty people (I firmly believe the nut factor of Florida is off the chart) tornadoes and hurricanes.

She of course counters with Seattle being wet, dark and cold for months on end.

I will admit, we do have those days, in fact, in December we broke a record.  We had the darkest day ever in Seattle. On that day, we recorded the least amount of sunlight ever.  I remember looking outside all day thinking WOW its dark…. (no idea what a sun gauge looks like)

And yep, there has been many a ride this season in which I ended up looking like this


Luckily, unlike snow, rain doesn’t impede riding.  One just has to kick one’s self in the ass to get out in weather like this.  I fully admit it is not easy to leave a warm house for a cold wet ride… And I am fully aware some people are honestly affected negatively by the amount of darkness during the winter.

Wanna know a secret? It’s the days the rain stops that makes up for the wet dark days! This morning, from my office, I was greeted with this view.


Sunrise over the Cascades, clear skies, and mountains calling me to them.  Plus, the rain in town also means snow in these same Cascades.  Mt Baker shows off it wintry coat this time of year


Ladies and gents there is no color bluer than our winter skies

Red Tail Hawk Samammish River trail
Red Tail Hawk Samammish River trail

Nor whiter than our mountains


The rains keep the air fresh and clean. Honestly, sometimes I just stop my rides to breath in deep and clear out any crap in the lungs.  When the sun comes out the birds sing from every tree, squirrels scamper all over, and, just last night, we saw our buddy Eddy (we named him) as we ate dinner.


He was hanging out on the warm dock waiting for mom to bring dinner.  Almost looks like he is smiling!

So yep, we’ve had a lot of rain. But those of us who live here wouldn’t have it any other way.  We go through the dark and wet for a few months, to make the rest of the year that much better. Michelle says that I am part mole as I will wear sunglasses even in the rain while driving. But, even though I have traveled many places, and enjoyed myself, no where makes me as happy as our wet and wild Northwest.

(Just don’t tell anyone how pretty it is up here.  We want to keep from getting too crowded! )

3 thoughts on “Wettest Winter Ever

  1. Need to save some of that rain and ship it down to San Antonio, Texas—to help alleviate the droughts during summer months. The Cactus absolutely love it here, but some of the other flowers and plants don’t appreciate periods of intense heat and no rain. Must say though, it did snow here on December 7 (first time in 30 years, I’m told). The snowfall added up to—(drum roll)—a grand total of inch. 🙂

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