Racking Up the Miles: February 2016

Michelle shared a news story today on Facebook,  No exaggeration, Between October 1st and March 1st the Seattle area received over 36 inches of rain. Now for the math challenged that is over 3 feet of rain.  This winter is doing everything it can to make for the last year, which was dry as a tater chip.

With that much rain, falling on that many days, riding days were hard to come by…

Before we discuss the riding, though, the best part of the month was last weekend,  Michelle and I, with a Christmas gift from Mom, went to the Willows lodge for the last weekend of the month.image image image

This is a luxury spa and hotel in Woodinville, just 12 miles from home.  But we had great wine, room service and relaxed for 2.5 days. Shoot, after Michelle’s massage Friday, we never left the room again.  it was badly needed…

Even though the weather wasn’t cooperating the whole month, not EVERY day was wet.


I had some memorable rides this month. Not the, yeah that was tough, or that was wet or that was weird, but honestly ones that I have and will talk about for quite a while.  First was the 7 bald eagle ride.

image image

Just cruising along the Burke Gilman and Samamish river trails, looking up in the trees I saw 7 of these guys.  I can go a month or two and not see that many combined. On rides like this, speed means nothing to me.  I have finally learned never to leave without the real camera and to take the time to stop and shoot these photos.

People might wonder why I do. Some of it is honestly to brag about where I live.  Part is so I can look back and just smile at the memories. The biggest part, is to share what I see with Michelle.  She helps immensely with getting me out on the road as much as I can, so I like her to see why I do what I do.

As I said, on eagle rides, speed doesn’t matter.  However, the next on the list was ALL about the speed! I had to be in two offices in the same day, but it was on one of the driest warmest days of the month. My plan was to leave early enough from the north office to get downtown, take a shower and be in the meeting.  Best laid plans, as they say….

I got a late start, and it was my first ride to the new office.  It was NOT 10 miles, it was 17! As I peddled south, the clock seemed to be moving faster than the miles I was covering. I had no choice, it was time to dig deep and use the speed I’ve never had to touch before.  I was shucked down to shorts and the jersey, the day was warm and I had a tailwind!

I got there with just enough time to change, comb the hair and jet to the room! I know I was smelly, but I was there.  Did I NEED to be there? I’d say know, but it was one helluva memorable ride! I was just damn lucky the bridge didn’t open!


Finally, the last ride of the month, my 9th Chilly Hilly.

image image

The heaviest rains and strongest winds I’ve had in the 9 times I’ve ridden this route! I was soaked and cold when done, and ended up sick the next day, but as always, I love this ride!  I don’t remember them all, but this one I will!

This month, I also hit a milestone number as well! 22,000 miles total.


Now for the total, it wasn’t near what I hit last year, I am pretty sure I will NOT hit the record miles I had in 2o15, but given the weather and the fact I was stuck in Spokane for a week, I am happy that I hit 252 miles this month! Daylight savings is coming, which means I can sneak in more after work miles, but I am also stuck in Spokane again. We will see what next month does for me.

All in all though, I am happy with this total!  Like the wind!

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